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    Arpan Tyagi ( Session 2010-11 (B.Tech Cs) From Nit Jalandhar )

    Schooling is the first and the most significant step on the ladder of success. Though it was mere serendipity to take admission in Gurukul The School, later I realized the skills I inculcated during my school life. The school provided me with a good atmosphere of learning, erudite and caring teachers, much required exposure to outside world and a joyful experience to be cherished lifelong. I was the student of the first batch and it was all due to the personal attention by the teachers that I could score 93.6% in my class 10 boards and a perfect 100 in mathematics. Being the head boy of the school for 3 years, I learnt skills like leadership and management of events. I got a chance to participate in a lot of inter-school events where getting accolades was matter of pride for me. Either securing AIR 68 in National Cyber Olmpiad or being selected as "The student of the year" by The Times of India, I hail everything to my school and teachers. It was due to constant motivation and support from my teachers that I got AIR 9000 in AIEEE and I am currently pursuing B Tech in National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar. The motto of the school," where modernity blends with tradition" is apt as it made me the person I am today. It was only due to my schooling that I gained moral principles and a strong character. In school, we worked for Interact club where we realized our responsibilities towards the society and paid our contribution to bring a change. I thank school for everything it gave me and made me a better person.

    Shivam Kantiwal ( Session 2012-13 B.Tech From Netaji Subhash Chand Engineering College Delhi )

    "An educated man should know everything about something, and something about everything"C.V. Wedgewood And that's exactly what this institute provides keeping in mind the overall growth growth of it's students. My journey at Gurukul hasn't been too long. But I must accept, the institute proved to be a good companion and a great care taker. I would like to congratulate the team for their success in the endeavours to create a friendly and healthy learning environment. For my juniors, all I have to say is that work hard as these years are gonna reflect you in near future. And do enjoy your school life at the fullest, as after a couple of years of completing your schooling, as it is with me at the time of writing, you'll miss your colleagues, teachers and all the fun you had together. But by then all you'd have will be nostalgia. That's all for now. And before I end, I'd love to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have given me this chance to express myself. And at last but not the least, I feel proud to be a 'Gurukulite'.

    Himalaya Sharma ( Session 2013-14 Pol Sci (Hons), Amity University )

    Alexander Graham Bell once said," A man, as a general rule owes very little to what he is born with, a man is what he makes himself". True it is, that seldom does it make a difference what a man is born with, but what a man does in his life,and how he does it is what defines him.A person embarks upon the journey to make a mark in life from the moment he enters a school. School is a place where his personality is nourished, where he learns the lessons of life that no other place can teach him. School is where a person discovers what he is capable of, and to what heights he can reach if he streamlines his capabilities in the correct direction and it is not just an institution that he is a part of, but it is a part of life. I joined Gurukul the School in the Ist standard way back in 2002, the very year when the school opened and it beckoned me with open arms the day i stepped in. It was a little family comprising of 35 students, a few very affectionate teachers and an efficient management back then. But what the school had was the spark like none other, there was a sense of belongingness from the very moment i joined gurukul and till date when i have completed my twelve years of schooling and am pursuing my graduation. Gurukul the School is that part of my life to which i owe eveything that i am today. Be it the confidence to stand proud amongst people and voicing my opinion, or the inspiration to reach great heights in my life, it is my school Gurukul which is credible for it. Rare it is to find an institution having such teachers who are filled to the brim with the zeal and enthusiasm to give it all to their students, a management that is immensely supportive towards all the endeavours of the students and the teachers, or the stupendous administrative body that guides and entrusts students to go out and make a name for themselves and the school. I don't even remember the number of sports i have played in school, varying from cricket to hockey to archery and so on. The school holds true to its motto, which is "modernity with tradition" since it is the complete blend of our traditional values being imparted to us while keeping pace with the advancements and futuristic perspective of studies, co-curricular activities, and more. A scholar has quoted that,"I care not to what a subject is taught, if only it be taught well". It holds true in my case since from Ist to XIIth, studies were more of a learning process than being a mere zest for high scores. The teachers who taught me are the ones i owe the most to, since it is due to their efforts that i have in myself the confidence and ability to face the world without any hesitation. I will always have a special place for GURUKUL THE SCHOOL in my heart and will always remain a GURUKULITE, no matter how old i get. Being an Alumni of Gurukul Gives me immense pride and i congratulate all my fellow gurukulites on being a part of such a tremendous institution. To conclude i may also quote the very famous Robert Frost, often quoted by our Director sir Mr. Sachin Vats, that "THE WOODS ARE LOVELY DARK AND DEEP, BUT I HAVE PROMISES TO KEEP.AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP, MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP". Gurukul has already come a long way since 2002 and has achieved a lot by featuring amongst one of the prime intuitions of Ghaziabad. I wish my school and fellow gurukulites the best of luck to achieve greater heights in the years to come.

    Ashish Kumar ( Session 2013-14 Law From BHU )

    A great man once said; it is not the destination that matters but the journey itself. I couldn’t understand what he referred to as. I mean, we undertake the entire journey just to reach our presupposed destination. How can the journey matter so much then? Gurukul gave me the answer to this question. My journey in Gurukul-The School started a bit more than a year before the dusk of my school life. The first person I met in this wonderful institution was Parul ma’am, the administrator of our school. After that I went through a few interviews and tests before they decided to take me in, and thus began the last phase of my school life. As I had presumed by the warm gesture of the administration of this school, Gurukul welcomed me with an open heart. I was not denied of opportunities over the older students, neither was I treated as new student and made to suffer the stigmas of a new student. More or less I was well accepted in the family called Gurukulites. The best thing about this institution is the teachers and administrative staffs, you can approach them for almost everything and get a readily solution. With a superb guidance of our Academic Director – Prabha Verma ma’am followed by our student’s favorite Vice-Principal Girish Sir, every student got the attention and opportunities they deserved. Our School sports a state-of-art infrastructure which includes all the infrastructural amenities a student needs. As I mentioned earlier, I was served with equal opportunities which led to me becoming the Interact Club President of the school. Getting permission for a noble cause was not a problem as far as Gurukul is concerned, I used to approach Vice Principal Sir and he would handle the rest. With the blessings of these dignitaries I organized many events including a blood donation camp and fund raisers. Another feather added to my cap when Gurukul gave me opportunity to represent them at National Science Competition organized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). We emerged out as Top 15 on regional level and represented our school on national level. Truly speaking, the dedication of teachers, vice principal and principal ma’am herself gave a silver lining to our work. Our school gave me opportunity to proudly represent it every now and then, I attended numerous conferences and competitions and tried my best to make Gurukul’s flag fly high. Our school which is listed among the top ten in the city has a young and dynamic Director- Sachin Vats sir. Well he was a director with a difference, visiting us from time to time, congratulating us on our win, giving his precious guidance whenever we were going for a competition is just a highlight of what he did for us and the institution. I still remember the motherly nature of our Principal ma’am who used to check if we are wearing warmers in the cold months of the year. Our Worthy teachers who helped us through our bad times not only academically but also mentally and emotionally. I was born to be an architect or an engineer as my father was in the same field, it was gurukul, which saw the budding lawyer inside me and now in Law School, Banaras Hindu University I realize that I was meant for this field. In my opinion a good school not only fulfils your dreams but also makes you realise what’s best for you. After a successful completion of my board exams I appeared for a number of examinations, give it to the versatility inhibited by our school, I cleared the NIFT exam with AIR 32. Later I was offered colleges of IIT cadre through JEE for B. Arch. Also many big international universities like University of Nottingham and Warsaw offered me scholarships. At Last my love for society, people and law took me to one of the best Law schools this country has – Law School, Banaras Hindu University. I may fly to US for further studies but I’ll come back to my homeland and support it through my life. This is what Gurukul taught me, not to strive to be a success, but rather to be of value. It made me believe that Success does not lie in “Results” but in “Efforts”, “Being” the best is not so important, “Doing” the best is all that matters. All in all, I made some unforgettable memories which I may as well cherish my entire life. In the end, what truly matters isn’t my percentage or my performance, but all that I have been through and learnt from this amazing institution and its people. I have been able to turn it into a better, responsible and sincere human, and I think in the end that’s what truly matters. It’s not the destination that counts, but the journey itself.

    Twinkle Rathore ( Session 2012-13 NIFT Mumbai )

    The years of fruition When a family moves to a new place, it is the kid who finds it the most difficult to cope up with all the sudden changes that he/ she has to put up with. Leaving behind your friends, school and surroundings that you've grown up in seems like the worst of nightmares. Your parents coax you day in and day out just to make sure you adapt. Yet, as a kid, all you hope for is a miracle that could put you back in time. My case was no different when I shifted to Ghaziabad with my family; as an eight year old. More than the pain of leaving behind friends, it was the fear of making new ones, in a new school. Reluctant as I was, my parents assured me I would feel at home there; and that is honestly how I felt at Gurukul, for the next ten years I spent there, until the day I graduated. I felt at home. Words fall short when I begin to describe how compassionate and forthright my faculties have been who have nurtured me in every step. They have helped me discover my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. I never felt judged in their presence. I was provided with a platform where I was given the opportunity to explore all the avenues I wanted to be it academics or extra co- curricular. I was an active participant in numerous intra school and inter school competitions for science, computers, English, general knowledge, art, music, dance, drama and sports. I was a member of the school council and prefectorial board for six consecutive years, holding the posts of House Captain, vice head girl, Head Girl and various other prestigious positions. Also I qualified as the Zonal Interact Representative in ninth standard which was a massive achievement for me. I bagged the prize for best in public speaking in 7th and 8th standard, best in performing arts in 9th standard, best in dramatics in 11th standard and I also bagged the prize for All-rounder of the year 2011. It is here at Gurukul where I found I had a niche for creative arts and because I had the immense support of my faculties I didn't hesitate to take it forward. I had set my eyes upon two different courses to pursue after 12th, one being Bachelor in arts English honors from Delhi University and the other being Bachelor in Design from National Institute for Fashion Technology (NIFT), India's top most fashion and design government institute. It was a tough decision to pick which one to finally opt for but keeping in consideration my inclination towards creative arts I decided to sit for the entrance test for NIFT. After my results came out, I was bursting with joy to find that I have scored an All India Rank of 170 which meant I have most definitely secured a seat for myself in this prestigious college. My rank fetched me a seat in the second best ranking branch of NIFT in Mumbai in the stream of my choice, Communication Design in Fashion. As much as it was my hard work, none this would have been possible without the unconditional support of my faculties. As I sit down and reminisce about my golden days at Gurukul I see how fruitful and cherishing my journey has been. The friends that I have made, the bonds that I have formed, the laurels that I have achieved and the races that I have lost, they have all taught me valuable lessons of life. These ten years have helped me metamorphosis into the person that I am today. No amount of gratitude can reciprocate the kind of love and compassion I have received here as a student. I feel honored to be an alumni of Gurukul The school and hope to make my school proud by following my dreams, because at Gurukul that is what they encourage you to do.

    Archit Sharma ( Session 2010-11 Graduation From IIHM )

    What does school mean to me? In one word it means success. This word success means so much to me, and it is something that I want to obtain. I have always loved school in fact, I was the one who would get emotional over not receiving an A. Gurukul the school is one of the best school if we talk about education, personality development, sports, cultural activities and many more things. I joined Gurukul in 9th standard and after the long journey of 4 years with the school, I found a drastic change in me, be it in communication, public speaking, knowledge, managing things and thought process. The faculty of school are supportive and they are always ready to help students with different solutions for different problems. My school has given me so much that, I feel, the reason for my successful life is Gurukul the school. As for every child the school is a single place from where he/she spents most of the time in his/her daily schedule, therefore it is very important to decide that where we are, what we are doing, and are we learning new things ? For me, I found the school is a best place, where I've developed my skills and found my passion for life. After school, I completed my in Hospitality management and 3 Years Advance diploma in International hospitality. Right now I'm working with a UK French company Sopra Steria, I feel , behing my success there is only 1 big reason, that is my school Gurukul.

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