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    Koffee @ Gurukul

    Top 10 CBSE School in Ghaziabad

    Koffee@Gurukul is an interactive platform offered by the school for its students to let them have a brewing coffee session with eminent personalities from various walks of life.
    Students eagerly wait for such sessions wherein they interact, chat and gain from real life experiences of people of repute. Gurukul has always believed in imparting education which enables the child understand the importance of true education which aids in formulating their complete persona. By giving the students exposure and a healthy rendezvous with people who have made a mark in their career and risen up to be known amidst one and all for their sheer hard work and discipline in life, students have an insight and learn from the people who have led their lives with an example.

    Hot brewing coffee and cozy couch sets the perfect ambience rolling for learners and the guest to share and stroll down into their memory lane which makes them more receptive and futuristic towards life and real accomplishments.

    Top 10 CBSE School in Ghaziabad


    Top 10 CBSE School in Ghaziabad

    The school partners with institutes and organizations of enormous repute to provide a multi-dimensional dynamic out look to education and ensure ample of exposure to all our students.

    British Council

    The school has been accredited with "International School Award" twice in a series, by the British Council’s flagship Global School Programme, for setting up exemplary standards of education, Professional Development workshops, online courses and action research accreditation, School Leadership Development courses, collaborative projects in the school.

    Generation Global under Tony Blair Institute

    The school is connected and certified by the Foundation, committed to increase understanding of the impact of religion in the world and mitigating the damage caused by religious conflict and extremism by fostering open-mindedness, tolerance and secure and stable societies.

    Confederation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations of India (CUCAI)

    Our collaboration with (CUCAI) promises the prospects of huge support to our student community to undertake the projects based on Environmental disasters initiated by Ministry of Human Resource Development, and Government of India.

    Russian Culture Centre

    The Russian Centre of Science and Culture ( RCSC ) in New Delhi is a Representative office of the Federal Agency for Common Wealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation ( ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO ) in India. The RCSC organizes different programmes for the citizens of Delhi and guests of the Indian capital. Programmes of the RCSC are dedicated to the achievements of Russian culture and science. Among them there are literary and poetic evenings, meetings with artists, painting exhibitions, book-exhibitions, photo-exhibitions, concerts, performances and gala-functions, presentations, conferences, seminars, discussions. Our educational cum thought exchange collaboration has been reciprocated with an overwhelming support and recognition, a promising avenues of huge advantages to our students.

    Rotary International

    The Interact Club, a worldwide phenomenal service club, sponsored by Rotary International, undertakes the projects to build international understanding and goodwill in young people of ages 14 to 18 by rendering services to the society. Our contributions in extending services to the society, by organizing Community Outreach Programmes, Tree plantation Drives, Awareness campaigns and Blood Donation Camps, have earned us 'Peace Through Service' award.

    Polish Culture Centre

    Spearheading with the baton of 'Global Learning' we have tied-up an enterprising educational- cum- thought exchange relationship with the esteemed University of Warsaw, Poland to create a launch pad for international learning for our students. Having proven their mettle through immaculate performance in academics, the eligible candidates may avail the Erasmus Scholarship to pursue the Undergraduate Programme in International Relations.

    National Bal Bhavan

    Gurukul The School is the member of National BalBhavan, an institution which aims at enhancing the creative potential of children by providing them various activities, opportunities and common platform to interact, experiment, create and perform according to their age, aptitude and ability. It offers a barrier-free environment with immense possibilities of innovation, minus any stress or strain.

    Gurukulites get free environment for expressing their ideas through the different media of dance, drama, music, puppetry etc. The multifarious activities falling under the category of performing arts like dance, drama, music, puppetry, choir singing, mimicry, script writing, nukkadnatak etc. attract children from all strata of society and give them plenty of exposure. Activities like creative dramatics provide children with a wide range of activities, from creative thinking process to writing of scripts & dialogues, selection of roles, preparation of costumes, designing of sets etc., all leading to the actual performance or production.

    International Exchange

    Top 10 CBSE School in Ghaziabad

    Student exchange programs, both foreign and domestic, provide the students with opportunities that they simply could not get anywhere else. Whether students want to travel to broaden their horizons or experience a new culture, there are plenty of benefits to be had. 

    One of the primary reasons why students choose to participate in student exchange programs is for the learning opportunities they provide. These students learn to analyze the things around them in a constructive manner and learn how to solve problems on their own. By having the opportunity to discover themselves in a place that is unfamiliar to them, students develop self-awareness and self-esteem in a manner that cannot be duplicated. These students learn the ability to confront social challenges outside of their comfort zones and deal with problems head-on. Also, exchange students learn to live in their host families’ households, and this increases the value they place on home and family life. They will also learn how to form their own opinions about the things that matter most to them.

    The school has successfully conducted the student – teacher exchange program with Poland, Indonesia, USA, Germany, China, Ireland and many more.


    Top 10 CBSE School in Ghaziabad

    The school partners with institutes and organizations of enormous repute to provide a multi-dimensional dynamic out look to education and ensure ample of exposure to all our students.

    Bridging the Gap

    Gurukul believes that parents are important stake holders in the process of education. The real output and learning enhances when the parent- school effort is coordinated to achieve a seamless and accelerated development of child both in the classroom and at home. We call it BRIDGING THE GAP.


    We have a well framed club system where the parents are used as resource to teach different skills to the students. Workshops for parents on different issues of child development, parents volunteers to join schools outings with the students, inviting parents to assess students in the inter house competitions are all part of this effort.

    Finishing School Activities

    For the development of soft skills in students our teachers ensure during their routine teaching and free period as well that the students use proper body language, proper colloquial language and proper turnout.

    Empowered School Council

    School council and prefectorial board is given opportunities to make their own discipline policy and are empowered to solve problems at their end under the supervision of teachers.

    Responsible Citizens

    Community service brings awareness amongst students not only about the core issues of the country but also generates virtues like empathy and fraternity in them.

    Building Leadership Skills

    Gurukul in its drive to bring in leadership skills in the students has used the adventure trip as a medium and students are sent to these trips in different groups to hone their skills of leadership through different adventure activities like high altitude trekking, Rock Climbing, Rappelling & River Crossing.

    Pot Lunch

    An informal get together of parents, teachers and students where they voluntarily choose to bring in one edible commodity from their respective home and share it with the gathering. This helps in bridging the gap between the fellow parents and the school works as a medium to develop an integration in the community it works.

    Field Trips

    Students are sent on field trips to have a better grasp of the content that they theoretically learn in class rooms. They visit places like industries, construction sites, dairy farms, bakery, banks, supermarket, parliament . This helps the child to develop the insight and inquisitiveness to learn things with ease. These trips are properly and meticulously planned by the team of teachers and experts.

    Integrated Life Skill Approach

    Today, more than ever, especially when the entire world seems to be screaming for “marks”, life skills are critical. The ability to lead, to follow, to have a secular worldview to be a team player, to empathize, to have an integrated value system, to have self esteem, to be able to conduct oneself appropriately in any company, to be able to think “out of the box” are the areas that need to be built upon.

    Life skill is an integral part of our regular pedagogy in Gurukul. Value based teaching in school where all teachers involved in teaching scholastic or non-scholastic section incorporates the following skills of SELF AWARENESS AND EMPATHY, CREATIVE THINKING AND CRITICALTHINKING, DECISION MAKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING, EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION AND INTER PERSONAL SKILLS, and COPING WITH EMOTION & STRESS.

    Emphasis On Use Of Technology

    A fully WIFI campus with broadband connectivity. An ERP for easy access to all student related information from anywhere in the campus to all the facilitators to save on time and resource. All teachers are equipped with laptops for using ICT effectively. All class rooms are ’smart classrooms’ to help the students have better understanding of the difficult concepts through PPT, reference from youtube, modules from the internet and display of digital content. Using SKYPE as a medium of communication students organize video conferences with schools from different parts of the world under the auspices of British Council, Tony Blair Foundation which helps them to have an insight into the culture, tradition and other aspects from their counterparts.School has created a community on google through which teachers share excellent resources on pedagogy.

    Sunshine Calls

    A phone call from the class teachers to the concerned parents for discussing about the progress of the child. This medium is also used for sharing any special information about the child.

    Student Lead Conferences

    Parents are invited as audience to witness different events like seminars, mock parliament sessions, skits, round tables on the current social, national, economic issues. The presence of parents in such events motivates the students to excel in life.

    Remedial Classes

    Gurukul pays special attention to each and every child. Remedial classes are planned to help the slow learners come at par with their peers by giving them specific concern in a special way. The teachers adopt such students for the session and keep a close track of those students for the whole session with comprehensive worksheets and addressing the weaker areas of the child.

    Career & Guidance

    Top 10 CBSE School in Ghaziabad

    In the pretext of today's’ rapidly changing world, career counseling and building a flexibility of choice, is charted out with the system of education so our students don't find themselves vacillating between various streams, each holding their fancy and apprehensions at the same time.
    We espouse a variety of teaching models, career talks, counseling sessions and seminars by experts from various streams, to develop respect for each profession, and encourage a choice for the most suitable career option.
    Our recurring guidance and latest updates on the admission alerts, inspire the students to secure themselves place in universities and institutes of world acclaim and provide them a seamless transit.

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