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    My child has been studying at Gurukul since she was 5 and since then, she has developed not only academically, but also as a responsible human. The school has been a constant source of motivation and guidance for her. The teachers have always encouraged her to do better. Gurukul, is not just a school to her, it is her home- a place where her potential is recognized and appreciated.

    Dr. Ekta Bhardwaj
    Mother of Mili Aggarwal

    I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the teachers and the entire faculty of the school for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times. Thank you for being so thoughtful and making the things so easy for the parents. The way you have explained each and every assignment is so amazing that the children must have understood it completely. The handouts and video links shared have helped a lot in understanding the concepts. The way u have checked each and every assignment and homework is commendable. The extracurricular activities were also enjoyed by children a lot. And last but not the least the revisions carried by you have helped a lot in preparing for exams. So a big thanks to all of you for encouraging children learn new things and taking measures for their bright future.

    Neha Garg
    Mother of Paridhi Garg

    The online school is going on nice and is above the expectations. The teachers are teaching well and there are no problems regarding anything. The meditation in the morning is quiet beneficial but more is the Revision which is taking place since a month, that’s splendors. Talking about the teachers, they have managed it really well and the effort was worthy of praise. And the CT Ms Chhavi Sabikhi,is always available and helpful that is what is found to be the best . So in a nutshell it is all going good and I being a parent is really happy.

    Indu Devi
    Mother of Shivang Chaudhary.

    I take this opportunity to reveal my experience with Gurukul The School since April 2020. The art of education is the most esteemed of all arts as it requires a multi-level nurturing. Gurukul The School, is very keen and determinant in providing the same. There is no doubt that children receive the most competitive aspects of education here. I should admit the fact that the school has never missed the nuances of conceptual learning and inculcation of extracurricular activities amidst the lock-down period. Their approach towards individual attention deserves a big applause!!! The consistent feedback calls , webinars, doubt clearing and activity sessions and finally a reachable approach in assisting the parents and students concerning academics and related matters also deserves appreciation. I congratulate them for their Dedication, Teamwork and Support!!!

    Praveen Achar & G. Alamelu Mangai
    Father of Jayesh Vishwa Achar

    14 years ago, when we set foot in this school, we were suspicious whether our child would be able to stand out. 14 years later, we're still suspicious. How could a shy little boy turn into a self-confident young man? The magic is in the school, its bright teachers, its ever smiling staff and its beautiful philosophy. Gurukul's uniqueness lies in the fact that it treats each student as a seed of ability. Like soil, it nurtures them to the fullest of their talents, like trees reaping fruits. We, as parents, are grateful to every member of the Gurukul family. We're proud that children here dream, and the school dreams with them. We too are proud of being a part of this family. Anirudh's journey here as a student may end this year, but the lessons and the memories will last forever.

    Ajay Narayan Damani
    Father Of Anirudh Damani

    My ward’s journey in and with Gurukul has been prodigiously smooth and fun. Right from nursery class, the school had been actively involved in nurturing and molding my child. Developing a good base by providing individual attention, encouraging participation and employing creative ways of learning is something that I am really happy about. My ward has also been able to excel in co-scholastic areas ;all because gurukul provides immense support in whichever field the child wishes to pursue. The teaching process needs no testimonial as the teachers are extremely benevolent and concepts are made crystal clear in the classroom itself. The guidance of the teachers throughout my ward’s schooling enabled him to pull off good results. Even during the pandemic, online schooling was as fruitful as offline classes and the school maintained checks on my child’s progress. His school life has almost come to an end and 13 years passed by rapidly because Gurukul is less of a school and more of a family for me and my ward.

    Nitin Singhal
    Father Of Raghav Singhal

    The students of Gurukul The School are more disciplined and organized. They are taught to follow well planned schedule. They are more possessed and focused than the other students. In this lock down they were trained by the technology and they also learnt coding and AI which is needed for the future world. They were given the best pathway for a better future in this COVID scenario as well.They were also provided with elaborated handouts. Swati Ma'am was the greatest supporter for my child. As we know that maths need more attention as compared to other subject and it is difficult to tackle, but she fulfilled all needs by giving more attention. This whole period of COVID - 19 was definitely difficult and had adverse effects on the students especially. But throughout the whole period Gurukul The School stood beside every kid and nurtured them with their best values.

    Kapil Sharma
    Father of Nikki Sharma –Class VIII

    I believe that the growth of the nation reflects through the quality education system. The philosophy of Gurukul The School supports my belief completely. I am happy and a proud parent that my daughter is a Gurukulite. I genuinely feel the existence of a positive school climate which is based on the relationship with parent and child, provides bedrock for the holistic development of my child. I would like to thank team Gurukul for inculcating a strong learning foundation, competency and character qualities as a part of her personality. My daughter considers her school another home, and her Chhavi Ma’am as a perfect resource person, true guide and a role model. Thank you ma’am for inspiring Avni to do her best. You are the true mentor to teach her ‘art of living’. I believe your work will bring joy to many lives in future. May your creativity shine bright in the days to come. I also wish team Gurukul to excel beyond boundaries. May all of us make this world a better place to live and learn.

    Abha Vashistha
    Avni Vashistha-VIII C

    Ma’am I would really like to thank you for the efforts you all are putting into educating are kids in this period of lockdown. It is very difficult to manage and engage such small children in an hour-long session continuously that too on the virtual platform. We appreciate all the hard work the school teachers are putting into making them as interesting as possible. It's only because of you that there is no break in their learning process even in these difficult times. Thank you.

    Rajat Gupta
    Father of Amay Jindal- KG -B

    I just want to say that the teachers of my child are working so hard on every child, although they are so far from our children but then also I can see improvements in my and other children too. I was able to see the affection of the teachers towards children and the affection of the children towards teachers in the normal classes, but now I also can see the same affection on the virtual platform not only for the students but also for the teachers. I am very grateful to Nidhi and Shruti ma'am as I can see that they are working with a lot of devotion and focusing on every point like learners should sit properly, read properly, write neatly, and eat properly. My child loves his teachers. Thanks to Gurukul the school for having extremely good teachers.

    Brahm Dayal
    Father Of Garvita Dayal Nur-B

    This is a feedback regarding what we feel at Gurukul. It is regarding the journey of our child SHUBH GOYAL, moved on to Class 1-C. It has been 3 years he is studying at Gurukul,though all the teachers were good but some were the best. When our child reached to class KG-C,we met Ms. Pooja Dhall and Ms. Shipra. If i would be honest i was not much happy in PTM meeting , as they have given no feedback of our child or it was a silent interaction. second PTM was also the same. Then i thought to not to go in PTM. But as the year progressed we saw a great change in Shubh's understanding , writing ,dancing, vocab,communication. Then we met again in the parent teacher meeting and we were amused by the feedback of the class teacher. So minute observations were told to us that we felt very happy. We were very satisfied that Ms. Pooja Dhall is the class teacher of Shubh. She has put all her efforts to improve shubh in every aspect.To test shubh we also have taken a form of schools to get admitted into class-1. We were shocked to see the results :Hindi-19/20,Maths-20/20,Eng-18.5/20.this was all because of Pooja mam and we thought of Sticking to Gurukul. Secondly she is very prompt for every question asked. We have got such a bad habit that for books and dress also we ask to her for the availability and the good part it ,she gives us the exact information. So as a parent we would like to thank you for having wonder full teachers and fantabulous teacher like Pooja mam.

    Vijay Goyal
    Father of Shubh Goyal-I C

    Overall Gurukul is an ideal school. Academics as well as personality development activities are both taken care of. I'm happy to be associated with the institution.

    Parent of ANANYA KHARE-III D

    Happy and satisfied that my daughter is a Gurukulite. I have seen tremendous improvement in her academics as well as overall development. Teachers are very co-operative and are always ready to help.

    Parent of DEEKSHA PAL-IV E

    The way my child is being groomed in the school is awesome! The teachers are very hard working and it has reflected in the personality of my child. Thanks for the great work!

    Parent of SHIVYA BHISHT-V C

    Thank you Diksha Mam and Jyoti Mam for being our child's teacher. We know that our child is currently in the level of building foundation when it comes to his academic learning but you have successfully imparted so many things that our son needs to know. As a parent, we simply admire you and thank you mam! Vidip loves you a lot. Your dedication and love in teaching your pre-nursery pupils and we are so blessed that our child is in your class. Thank you teachers and may you continue with the good work. An Inspirer, An Empower, An Engager, these three characteristics are just few qualities of many you demonstrate with all of your students, every single day. You make us feel authentically supported when you say, "Please let me know how I can be helpful" and genuinely mean it. Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for teaching my child important values of Life like sharing, respecting elders, praying to GOD, saying sorry and so many more to go. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being one of the great teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.

    With gratitude

    Akanksha & Rahul
    Parent of Vidip-Pre Nursery

    Dear Mam
    Story telling session organized by the school was the practical way in which school involved parents. I really appreciate the way school is doing more to encourage busy parents to get more involved in their children's school activities. It was a wonderful experience, very nice and interactive session. As a father I am very happy that my participation in this activity or event can have a significant impact on my child. I really enjoyed telling story to my child and his classmates. My child was also very happy and excited. Hospitality of school is amazing. Thanks to the class teacher as well for their kind support.

    S.P. Singh
    Father of Satyarth Singh-KG-A

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