Losing Patience with Your Kids: Here’s What You Need to Do!

Kids have an uncanny ability to trigger adults and bring out the worst in them. If you’re a parent to a toddler or a teenager, you will relate to it. Children can quickly get under the skin, making parents lose their temper and patience pretty fast. The reason behind it can be different for different people. For example, some parents can lose their patience if their teenager misbehaves with them and start swearing in front of them. For other parents, a disobedient child can be the sole reason behind losing patience. At Gurukul The School, recognized as one of the best cbse school in Ghaziabad, we believe whatever the reason be, there are better ways to handle such situations.

Getting angry is a normal part of the parenting journey, but things can become problematic if anger becomes uncontrollable, leading parents to lose their patience. The situation can significantly improve if all parents control how they react to anger. Changes like these prevent parents from losing it all and punishing their kids while improving the parent-child relationship. If your kids’ actions are making you lose patience recently, don’t give into the thought of giving harsh punishments or scolding them. We have better suggestions for you.

Implement the techniques shared below whenever you feel you’re losing patience because of your kid’s actions/activities.

Powerful Strategies to Avoid Losing Patience While Dealing With Kids

Parenting is a demanding and challenging task that requires more than time and effort. Parents must be mindful that they don’t lose their patience, temper, and peace while raising good children. To help parents ease their journey, we at Gurukul The School are sharing below the most impactful strategies in this regard:

  • Identify Triggers as Parents

Identifying the triggering points is the first step to preventing losing patience and temper. The trigger will be different for different parents. Some parents can get triggered if their child says ‘no’ for an umpteenth time, while others can get triggered if their child begins to shed tears whenever asked to do his/her homework. Continuation of such attitudes can drain parents energetically, making them lose all their patience. Identifying emotional triggers and physical sensations can be the stepping stone to acting appropriately.

When you recognize what frustrates you the most, you can take the right actions to bring it under control. So the next time you feel you’re running out of patience, stop and analyze the situation. Check what’s triggering you the most and take steps to disarm the trigger. To diffuse the situation, parents can start counting backward, engage in breath work, or simply step away from the situation to avoid reacting negatively.

  • Find Better Communication Ways with Your Kids

Too often, parents unknowingly fall into the loop of bad communication patterns while dealing with kids. Some examples of poor communication include giving silent treatment, slowly withdrawing away from family, giving harsh punishments, making snide remarks, etc. Falling for such activities can be highly likely when children start screaming at you or swearing at your face. While these activities can give you temporary and instant satisfaction when you lose patience, you must remember your kids are observing this behavior very minutely and will begin modeling the same very soon.

Expressing your disappointment, anger, and other negative feelings is normal as long as you find healthy ways to express these. An excellent way to overcome this situation is by initiating and engaging in meaningful conversations with children. Wait for them to settle down, then begin conversations highlighting the problem and related solutions. We at Gurukul The School have seen that effective communication can really do wonders, and thus we would like to advise the parents to stick to the clear communication rule as much as possible.

  • Choose the Right Battles with Children

It can be hard to digest, but certain things cannot be changed. Parents can become calmer if they stop getting upset over every little activity that annoys them. Stop putting yourself in chronically overwhelming situations and start prioritizing what’s important. You should begin addressing solutions that work for now and let go of the rest. Kids are generally messy, noisy, and unorganized during their early years, and these behaviors cannot be entirely changed.

Accept certain behaviors if they are not affecting you or your kids negatively, and drive attention to better situations. It will prevent you from losing patience often and promote peace of mind. You can pinpoint your family values and convey them to your children. A piece of advice that we at Gurukul The School, regarded as the best cbse school in Ghaziabad, would like to share with parents here would be to encourage your kids to engage in positive activities but don’t expect them always to act the desired way. If you implement this technique, the occasional fights, eye rolls, and mess will stop bothering you.


It is normal for parents to spend a significant amount of time trying to make their kids listen to them. However, this very urge to make children act a certain way often makes parents lose patience. While losing patience occasionally should not be frowned upon, it should be fixed if it becomes a common occurrence. If you’re trying to remain calm and patient while dealing with kids, adopting the techniques discussed in this article can really help. These strategies might not generate instant visible results, but the result will be promising when implemented consistently over a period. 

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