Gurukul’s Approach to Teaching Life Skills to Students

In the constantly changing modern environment that we live in today, being instilled with the crucial life skills forms an important part of being able to meet the challenges of daily life. The dramatic changes noted in the global economies over the past couple of years have been matched with simultaneous transformation in technologies, and the amalgamated effects of these factors are evident in every aspect of our education, home, and work environs. Hence, to cope with this increasing pace of change in the present times, it is imperative thatchildren imbibe new life skills that will help them move forward in life by effectively dealing with all the bumps and hurdles on the way.

We, at Gurukul The School, believe that the students of today are the professionals of tomorrow, and with the new job environments comes the need to handle pressure and ensure flexibility. To that end,the training that we, at Gurukul, impart to our students under our life skills programme is crucial in the fact that it prepares them for what lies ahead in their lives. To delve further into the ideas of teaching that we believe in, here is a brief overview of the chief elements that come under our life skills programme.

Self-Awareness and Empathy

One of the prime lessons that we aim to inculcate among our pupils is the sense of self-awareness. This is because, without a better understanding of ourselves, we will never be able to establish ourselves as unique individuals. We believe that the feeling of empathy is closely interrelated with the ideas of self-awareness because it empowers us to understand and be compassionate towards the opinions and perspectives of others. The children turn out to be as considerate and thoughtful towards the shortcomings of others as they are about their own selves.

Creative Thinking and Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an integral and unavoidable element of the general thinking skills. The ability to think rationally and clearly is critical to whatever the children choose to do. The importance of critical and creative thinking skills is not restricted to any particular subject. Being able to think well and solve the problems systematically through their creativity will help to take the children forward in any career path that they choose to adapt.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Problem solving is a crucial part of decision making, and both of these life skills are important for the future roles of leadership and management. It is important to make children understand from an early age that problems are nothing but mere bends in the road and not the end of the journey. It is the decisions that we take that help us to choose that correct bend and ensure a smoother path of life.

Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills denoteone’s ability to interact with people through the means of fruitful and effective communication. The significance of interpersonal skills lies in the fact that it helps our students to not just establish a strong connection with the people around them but also aids in their overall personality development. Our teachers, through the modes of interaction and communication, aim to impart the lessons of effective communication among the young minds.

Coping With Emotion and Stress

We understand that children are in such a stage of their lives where they are still learning about and understanding the world around them. It is natural for them to feel overwhelmed and anxious with all the pressure and emotions that they feel. Without the lessons on coping with stress and emotion, the children are prone to untoward emotional outbursts. Thus, from a young age, we aim to teach them the means and ways of handling their emotional responses.

We, at Gurukul The School, ranked among the Top 10 Convent Schools in Ghaziabad, have always been a firm believer in the need to ensure an all-encompassing development of children, and our approach to instilling our students with the vital life skills bears testimonial to that. We aim to ensure that our pupils do not just shine through their academic brilliance but also stand tall in their strong personalities and resilient, indomitable character.

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