Gurukul’s Approach to Character Education

“Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” —Abraham Lincoln.

The metaphor of a tree, as mentioned by President Lincoln, reminds us that teaching our children the time-honored principles through character building helps them to stay rooted strong. They will be then able to stand tall and live with enough integrity and will not be shaken when the winds of challenge blow. A character is an aggregate of all the traits, including all of the feelings, thoughts, words, and actions of an individual. The character of our children is shaped by their decisions, and it affects all the aspects of their present and future lives.

The honorary principal at Gurukul The School, Mr. Gaurav Bedi, believes that as the temples of education, the schools hold the prime responsibility for ensuring appropriate upbringing of the little buds so that they bloom to their full potential. However, we can’t ignore the fact that owing to globalization and digitalization, our children are now much more exposed to media and other such platforms that are exerting a not-so-good impact on their tender minds. In such a scenario, it won’t be wise enough if we expect them to simply observe and adopt the maturity and character traits that we envision for them. We need to play an active role here. Thorough and consistent teaching of ethical behavior is crucial for shaping the character of our young ones. Here are a few of the critical facets of character education, which we believe, makes it a vital part of modern learning:

A basis for personal growth

If our children practice skills that promote their character development, they will be able to build a reservoir of strength from which they can keep on drawing all through their lives. Confidence, self-esteem, courage, integrity, and forgiveness are some of the crucial traits that are enhanced through character education, and it forms a strong basis for their personal growth.

A foundation for lifelong learning

We have noticed that an inherent connection exists between character education and academic excellence. It also naturally brings down the instances of undisciplined acts on the part of kids. Children find it easier to learn in the safe environs promoted by character education in the school, and even the teachers find it easier to impart knowledge when the children showcase traits of responsibility, respect, and fairness.

The bedrock of all relationships

A significant part of character education is being caring enough to consider the feelings and needs of others. We, at Gurukul The School, ranked as the top CBSE School in Ghaziabad, believe that a school is an ideal place for children to practice vital social skills like respecting others, sharing, showing compassion, and engaging in effective communication. When children begin to consider what they ought to do for other people, their character will naturally grow resilient and exemplary.

The key to being good citizens, employees, and neighbors

Beyond the boundaries of home and school, the character that we build up in our children also affects them in their workplace and in the communities where they play the crucial roles of employees, neighbors, and leaders. The principles of character anchor them, and that fosters strong ties in them towards their country, company, community, and family.

The Approach to Character Education Followed at Gurukul The School

The five core values, namely, respect, honesty, compassion, fairness, and responsibility form the crucial aspects of character education at Gurukul The School. Inculcating these values in the young minds is like familiarizing them with the wisdom of ages as these are well-recognized as the core values of the cultures all across the world. Being the best school in Ghaziabad, these ideals form the foundation for all relationships in our institution, be it among the students, faculty, staff, administrators or with the parents. To delve deeper into the inherent ideas associated with each value, let us take a distinctive look at each of it.

Respect is one of the most important virtues for a child to have and teaching children the way of respecting others ensures that they develop positive relationships with their friends, family, teachers, and other acquaintances throughout their life. Instilling the values of honesty in young minds helps in building their confidence and teaches them the importance of mutual support, whereby they become more resolute towards the hardships in life. We believe that the values of empathy and compassion position them well for learning as it helps them to build a stronger relationship with the educators and other children. Understanding the significance of the fairness of conduct helps our children to treat people respectfully, honestly, and equally. The ideals of responsibility come as an amalgamation of all the values, and it entails that children learn to be accountable for their acts, words, and duties.

The management and teachers at Gurukul The School have taken it up as their key responsibility to ensure an all-encompassing growth of all its pupils, whereby they shine as much brilliantly through their academic performance as they do through their personalities. The principal himself has his name bedecked with several laurels like ‘Exemplary Leader in School Education’ by National Science Center and Expressions India, The World Education Award, and Life Empowerment Award, among others, for his remarkable dedication and commitment to provide the young ones with international level education and a deep-seated learning experience. It is his passion and vision along with the amalgamated efforts of the management, teachers, and the entire team that Gurukul The School has always been successful in endowing its pupils with enough strength of character to enable them to rise up and act as the nation-builders of tomorrow.

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