Gurukul The School – Igniting the Desire for Knowledge in the Young Minds

“Teachers should radiate knowledge and ignite the minds of the youth and give them the confidence to think beyond”- Lt. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, Aerospace Scientist and the11th President of India.

Knowledge is righteousness, creativity, indomitable spirit, and courage, and it is the combination of all these that create enlightened citizens and the nation builders of tomorrow. Our youth is the most powerful resource that we have, and it is one of our prime responsibilities to not just inculcate the ideals and ideas in them, but also to encourage them to be an ardent pursuer of knowledge in all its forms. From the knowledge provided to them by the academics, to the ways of the world, to the importance of nobility, integrity, and uniqueness, nothing should be left out for the young minds.

We, at Gurukul The School, have always been firm believers in the fact that more than ensuring the inculcation of knowledge, it is important that thirst for knowledge is ignited among the young ones. This is because, once that desire for knowledge is present in the mind, the process of inculcation of knowledge becomes easier than ever. It ensures that we do not need to goad our children into coming to school as they are themselves enthusiastic and excited about school every day. Here are some of the ways through which we, at Gurukul, ensure that the desire for knowledge remains ignited in the minds of Gurukulites:

Offering apractical base for theoretical knowledge

We believe in strengthening the theoretical knowledge that the students acquire from the books with enough practical know-how. It helps them in being more motivated and focused on academics and aim to learn as many new and fascinating facts as they can. Our state of the art laboratories bear testimony to the fact that we have always been the ones to consider the practical basis of knowledge important for not just better understanding of the topics but also to make the curious young minds wander and seek more knowledge.

An extensive library for the young ones to explore

We have a huge, well-equipped library which, we believe, is one of the premier assets that the Gurukulites benefit from the most. It is natural for the children, who are still learning and knowing all about the world around them every single day, to be curious and full of questions. Mere academic knowledge is never able to make the cut in satiating their desire for knowledge. To that end, we have laid out an expansive array of books for them to enable them to access and increase their quota of knowledge, and further increase their thirst for learning.

Advanced and high-tech computer labs

In this age of AI and IT, computers have become one of the prime necessities for the young ones in their journey to acquire more knowledge. We have fully air-conditioned and user-friendly computer labs that are well-equipped with all the latest technology for the benefit of the students. The high-speed internet connection enables the students to not just become highly skilled resource persons and technocrats in the near future but also lets them search for all the answers to their burning questions and doubts.

Experiential teaching techniques on offer

We understand that gone are the times when teaching was all about rote learning through the books and acing the exams. Yes, acing the exams is still important, but the methods and modes to achieve that have undergone a sea change. As mentioned earlier, our aim is to make each of our students an ardent seeker of knowledge, and one of the ways to ensure that is through the experiential teaching methods. We believe that rather than teaching them about stimulus through the biology books, it is better to just bring them out and let them touch a mimosa plant and see for it themselves. This will make them more curious and inclined to find out more about the matter.

We, at Gurukul The School, recognized among the Top 10 Convent Schools in Ghaziabad, are positive that with the continued zeal of our young ones, and the dedicated efforts from our mentors, the children are sure to turn out to be not just knowledge seekers but also the discoverers and inventors in the times to come.

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