Gurukul Crossings – Where Knowledge Impartation Goes Beyond the Classroom Teachings

Learning and teaching become inherently spontaneous and increasingly student-centric when we do not confine ourselves only to the boundaries of classrooms and textbooks, but rather, look beyond these traditional means of knowledge impartation into something more practical and real. It is important to offer the young ones a collaborative learning environment, whereby, they can learn organically and apply their knowledge in a real-world situation. We, at Gurukul The School, one of the best schools near Crossings Republik Ghaziabad, have noted from our years of being in the education arena that such an approach where learning is more of an experiential form rather than rote form is better at inspiring the children to learn more and learn deeper.

We believe that during the formative years of children, it is crucial to take the impartation of knowledge beyond the confines of classroom teachings so as to enable them to spread their wings to the fullest, without any stress, pressure, or doubts holding them back down. We, at Gurukul Crossings, inspire, motivate, and guide our pupils to learn naturally, and thereby, implement those ideas in their lives in order to grow up into distinctive and positive individuals. Having established our belief in not limiting knowledge to only the classroom teachings, here’s how we have adopted various approaches to ensure that for our young students:

Letting the young ones learn from surroundings

We encourage our students to learn from every nook and cranny of the campus to aid in their quest for knowledge and broaden their horizons. Our teaching pedagogy hopes to inculcate a sense of belonging among the students for the school campus and the mentors who guide them at every step of the way. We encourage our students to learn organically from every aspect of their day in our premises.

Ensuring the flexibility of timing and activities

At Gurukul Crossings, we do not believe in limiting the boundaries of knowledge through time or textbooks. Teachers enjoy the flexibility of timing to deliver the holistic learning experience to each of our pupils, just as they desire. Besides, we keep changing the daily schedule of activities to make sure that things are always exciting and interesting for our children. We always strive to ensure that at our institution, learning is a constant and spontaneous process that children enthusiastically join in.

Providing real-world knowledge through experiential learning

We believe that at this tender age, children are best taught through the modes of experiential learning, rather than, being limited by the constraints of textbooks and competitions. Through activities, such as letting them decorate the school, taking care of the school campus, and the likes we ensure that they naturally develop the ideas of care, compassion, alertness, and dexterity.

Emphasis on a plethora of extracurricular activities

We place high emphasis on extracurricular activities in our daily schedule as we believe that therein lays the key to make the budding minds physically agile and mentally resilient. It also aids us in inculcating the values of teamwork, discipline, setting goals, self-restraint, and confidence in our students that help them effectively progress at every path of their future lives.

We, at Gurukul The School, believe that knowledge is best inculcated and retained when taught naturally and not limited by textbooks and classrooms. Our years of experience has taught us that the only way to smoothen the path of success for every child is to aim at their holistic development, and that is something which can never be fully accomplished through only honing their academic prowess. Thus, knowledge impartation at Gurukul Crossings is unrestricted and unbridled, open to be accessed and made the most of by our budding geniuses.

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