Gurukul Crossings – Setting Benchmarks in the World of Education

Just think about the education system a few years back and the ways of imparting education therein. How was it? Classrooms full of students, going through one study period after another, the teachers reading aloud from the textbooks and the students reading along with them getting their classwork and homework done, and the drudgery continues day in and day out. Wasn’t it something like this? Thankfully, the innovations in the education system have changed the scenario to a large extent, making learning a dynamic and vibrant process that draws in the students, rather than leading them on to monotony. We, at Gurukul Crossings, are proud to be one of the foremost names among such institutions, which are pioneers in setting the benchmarks in the world of education.

At Gurukul, The School, one among the Best CBSE Schools in Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, each day is an opportunity to learn something new, through better modes and approaches of teaching that aim at stimulating the young minds, rather than keeping them stuck to the rote learning processes. We have set the benchmark high by being pioneers of much-required change, and here’s how we live up to the benchmarks that we have set for ourselves.

No bags, no bells, and no undue pressure on the young minds

We believe in letting the young buds blossom to the fullest with no bags to burden them with textbooks.No bells telling learning cannot be restricted by time or compartmentalized into periods. We believe in setting and maintaining high standards in the world of education with an organic and continuous form of learning that we offer to our students.

A welcoming approach towards curiosity and creativity

At Gurukul, we welcome inquisitiveness and curiosity among our pupils because we believe that curiosity is the path that leads to enhanced creativity, As Walt Disney had famously said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” We, being children’s mentors and guides, understand our role in satiating their curiosity and honing their creativity as they set foot in the next phase of their academic lives, and always strive to leave no stones unturned when it comes to empowering and aiding the curiosity and creativity in the young minds.

Building a happy childhood with strong bonds of friendship, kindness, and solidarity

The development of a child is not only about increasing his/her academic prowess, but also instilling such values in the child, which play a crucial role in his/her progression in life. We instill the feelings of kindness, friendship, and solidarity among our pupils through involving them in various activities, such as making them serve food to each other during lunch time, letting them come together to decide the menu of the mess, involving them in various group projects and games, and more alike.

Welcoming the parents actively in the activities and initiatives

We do not believe in being the school that only meets the parents during the monthly parent-teacher meetings and discusses the activities and progress made by the child. We rather bring the parents within the folds of the activities and initiatives that we take. The initiatives like Storytelling Sessions by parents in the classroom, workshops for the parents, photo-shoot with the parents, and more, are just some of the instances of how we attempt to welcome the parents in the learning process, and in this course, leave beautiful memories for the children.

We, at Gurukul The School, believe that the process of education is something which should be kept exciting and stimulating, such that every day feels like a new chapter to unfold, and every lesson feels like a chance to learn something amazing and exciting. We take pride in being the institution whose purpose is not just to teach, but to nurture the young minds so that they can bring forth their innate abilities, and spread their wings with confidence and determination to fly high in the sky of success.

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