Every Child Deserves to Get a ‘Genius Hour’

Ignition of curiosity and the development of cognitive abilities are the two key mottos of education. Especially when it comes to young children and their learning methods, involving them individually in the system of education seems to be the fittest idea. In that sense, one of the best approaches emerging in recent times is the progressive learning methodologies. The concept of a ‘Genius Hour’ is one such dimension of the progressive learning approach that the education arena has roped in to benefit the kids.

Unlike the earlier methodologies, where teachers used to take control of the entire teaching process, Genius Hours provide the kids with the freedom of choice and learning methods.  According to the basic principles of the Genius Hour model, every child should be given a distinct time to explore and learn according to his/her free will. This practice not only keeps the children glued to the essence of education but also helps them to dig deeper into any discipline of their choice.

The concept of Genius Hours does not treat every child equally; instead, it treats the children according to their wit and interest, which helps in augmented learning. With its ability to inculcate qualities like creativity, curiosity, free-thinking, etc., the concept of a Genius Hour is surely one of the next generation learning techniques, which can help the children to focus more on inquiry, creativity, research, and self-driven learning. This is the reason why we, at GurukulThe School, one of the most progressive educational institutions in the nation and one among the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, believe that apart from the school, even parents should consider gifting their kids with a Genius Hour each day.

Involve Children in a Genius Hour Each Day at Home

If you want your child to grow into a self-learner, introduce the Genius Hour model at home.  Keep aside a specific time every day to practice Genius Hour learning techniques which would surely make your child more curious about education and learning.

Sometimes, the simple and mundane lessons of the books fail to catch the attention of the children during learning sessions. Genius Hour never gives them the idea of getting pressed for reading or learning. It is the supporting free will of the kids that keeps them engaged with the learning method. Since Genius Hour allows children to design the study time according to their choice and convenience, they seldom feel bored or lose interest during those sessions. Hence, the learning, regardless of its volume, becomes more impactful. You can try and arrange for project sessions involving easy techniques for your kids. Let them explore their passion and creativity during the Genius Hour. This will enable them to comprehend the subject more thoroughly and provide them with deeper comprehension. 

No matter what, the future surely has the Genius Hour model as an integral part of the education system, and if the parents can keep the same in the foresight and prepare the kids accordingly at home, it would surely be beneficial for them in the long run. 

Key Benefits of Practicing a Genius Hour

The purpose of introducing the kids to a Genius Hour is to keep the curiosity and the fire of passion for learning ablaze in young minds. Regular and monotonous learning sometimes repels children from regular learning methods. Genius Hours provide them the time when they can choose and act freely. It helps to wipe out every bit of monotony gathered through the scheduled learning hours. Genius Hours almost work as a source of rejuvenation for children and keep them aligned with the learning system willingly.

We, at Gurukul The School, are among the leading schools to have adopted the progressive learning methodologies and believe that if parents can join our hands in evoking the innate interest and curiosity for knowing and learning among children, it can help smoothen the path ahead. To that end, introducing the kids to the concept of Genius Hour at home can be a great move in that direction.

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