Being Strict or Friendly – What’s the Right Approach to Deal with Growing Kids?

When a child enters your life, know that it is time to learn_ Sadhguru

Raising children is one of the most multifarious and complex responsibilities in the world. You are posed with many astounding moments, hurdles, and challenges every now and then during the parenting years. Moreover, the fast-paced life of today has made parenting even more strenuous a task. Many parents believe that kids these days need to be tackled with a strict approach, while there are many others who believe the other way round. We, at Gurukul The School, believe that taking up the right approach to deal with kids is of paramount importance as it deeply affects their overall personality and mindset.

Parents do not play mere guardians, but they are instrumental in the growth of their kid’s emotional, physical, cognitive, and social well-being. It is hence imperative for parents to surpass the generic and predominant boundaries of child-rearing as the first step to opening up to an enhanced way of understanding your child and his/her needs. So let us further discuss in this article the ‘right’ attitude to deal with kids.

How far is being strict with children right?

It is often believed that strictness plays a vital role in the development of a young mind. Parents usually resort to this approach to ensure that their kids stay on track. However, this approach often unknowingly leads the kids to the wrong direction. Being strict with your child at every step can result in opposite consequences. This is, in fact, a prevalent parenting issue that most pre-teen parents complain about.

A young mind is not meant to be obedient all the time. This is because their wishes and desires are often entirely at odds with an adult’s. You can scold or bribe the child into obedience, but it would be just for a little. By doing so, you will miss out the bigger picture. The commanding approach rarely works on children as they dwell in a care-free space in their minds, where our firm and full-fledged regulations often fail to reach. The approach of being strict with a child many a time ends up instilling negative moods, anxiety, feeling of guilt, and rebelliousness in a child.

The friendly-approach of parenting – Avenue to eternal wellbeing

Healthy parent intervention and involvement in the kid’s day-to-day life lay the foundation for improved emotional, intellectual, social, and academic skills. This is where the friendly and pleasant approach comes into play. Many significant studies performed by renowned child psychologists state that young minds get much easily and profoundly influenced by this particular approach and the results are also on the positive side.

If you are trying to teach children about anything, it is crucial that you make them feel secure and comfortable first. This is the key to drawing their attention, interest, and reverence automatically towards you and your advice. A positive and friendly living environment is desired by anybody and everybody, and hence it is needless to say that even children appreciate when they are dealt with in a friendly manner. The friendly approach is thus considered the smarter approach in the modern era and is believed to help children make better choices in the future. It helps in enhancing their cognitive capabilities, develop a positive attitude, and aids them in coping with variations spontaneously.

At Gurukul The School, a top ranking school in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that children are like tender buds who require apposite care, support, and nourishment to bloom into beautiful flowers. If they are dealt with in the right manner, they have the potential to touch the sky. We, at Gurukul, have thus created a nurturing learning environment where each of our pupils is provided with the necessary support and guidance to aid in their holistic development. We lay equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities and personal development, as on the academics. We have been preparing Gurukulites for a better tomorrow where they can confidently earn success in any field they venture into.

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