Are You an Overprotective Parent? Here’s a Checklist!

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Parenting is indeed an art. However, in pursuance of mastering this skill, many parents sometimes overstep their thresholds. The after-effects, or rather say the reactions of these actions, might not be immediate, but they do fall upon their kids sooner or later. For instance, it has been seen that children with overprotective parents have nil […]

Your Role as a Parent to Help Your Kids Grow into Their Best Selves

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Every parent holds this one desire to mould their children into becoming the best versions of themselves. You may not be able to inculcate all the best habits and traits in your child overnight, but with timely reminders, you are sure to achieve success. To that end, it is understandable that you want to get […]

A Teen’s Guide to Ensuring Online Safety

 The Internet is an integral part of modern society. It is a tool that provides many opportunities and convenience to us. Everything starting from education, entertainment, information, and commerce is dependent on it. Although the Internet is entangled with one’s daily affairs, its usage comes with various risks that can be especially harmful to children […]