Creativity & Curiosity Form the Vital Attributes for Engrossed Learning

Have you ever paid attention to your child’s expressions when you offer them a new toy? Don’t they get all excited about it? They can spend hours exploring and playing with it and even find new ways to play with it that you would have never thought. Ever wondered why do they do that? Well, […]

Are You Aware of Your Child’s Rights Under Indian Constitution?

The Adverse Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle in Children

The Constitution of India defines ‘a child’ as ‘every human being below the age of 18 years.’ The Constitution regards them as a separate legal entity under the Indian Judicial System. This age limit is also regarded as the criteria for attaining a voter card, driving license, and solemnizing marriage. At Gurukul The School, one […]

How to Inspire Your Little One to Love Reading?

Imagine a scenario where some child A is trying really hard to read a paragraph and is getting stuck at each and every word. By the time the child finishes reading the entire paragraph, he is already so much exhausted that he is left with no further interest to indulge in any more of such […]