Time-Ins or Time-Outs – What Should Be Your Preferred Way of Disciplining Kids?

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“My lovely kiddie! First of all, take a deep breath and tell me what the dilemma is. I am all ears to you!” – Parent A to his child A “Listen kid! Just spend a few minutes with yourself alone in your room, and you will reach a solution to this dilemma yourself.” – Parent […]

Are You Offering Your Kids the Right Kind of Praise?

Well Done! Good job! Bravo! Keep it up! As parents, all of us shower such praises on our kids whenever they do something good. Isn’t it! After all, it’s a normal impulse as parents to express our love for our kids by praising them. It is a general way to showcase our appreciation and offer […]

Apologizing to Kids: Should You, Or Shouldn’t You?

Parenting is indeed a difficult task that brings a lot of responsibilities with it. Right from fulfilling all their materialistic needs to ensuring that they are instilled with all the right values, morals, and ethics, parents have a crucial role to play in the life of kids. Having said that, we have an important question […]