How Does Your Child’s Diet Impacts His Learning Abilities?

“Investing in early childhood nutrition is a sure-fire strategy. The returns are incredibly high.” – Anne M. Mulcahy One of the most common things in the entire parent fraternity is that they never leave any stone unturned in matters associated with their kids. Be it their studies or their diet, parents ensure that they provide […]

Easy & Effective Ways to Build Your Little One’s Vocabulary

Doesn’t it feel just like yesterday that your newborn came in your laps? Remember the very first word your little one uttered? It must have been a special moment to rejoice, isn’t it! Gradually, with time, children begin learning more and more words, and that’s how they start to talk? As toddlers, their language development […]

Importance of Fitness and Exercise for Children

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Do your children spend too much time sitting rather than engaging in any physical activity? Well, that’s a common scenario these days. Especially ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, outdoor activities for children came almost to a standstill. As such, the only activity that children have been willingly spending time on is either watching […]