What it Takes to Raise Socially Intelligent Children

Raising a child is indeed a gigantic task. However, no matter what, parents always try to perform their best in every facet to fulfill the responsibilities they owe to their children. Parents ensure that their kids get to lay their hands on the best of everything in their capacity, be it related to their education […]

5 Reasons Why Childhood is the Best Phase for Learning Robotics

Recent times have seen a sudden rise in the use of technology by mankind. Ever since the COVID pandemic has hit us, we have become all the more dependent on technology for our work as well as education. Not just the adults but even the kids are picking up the technological nuances really fast. If […]

How Does Inquiry-Based Learning Benefit the Young Minds

Use Your Attention Power to Improve Your Kid’s Behavior

“Knowing the answers will help you in school. Knowing how to question will help you in life!”– Warren Berger There has been a lot of discussion about ‘Inquiry-based learning’ of late. It is the learning and teaching method that prioritizes students’ questions, ideas, reasoning and analysis. In other terms, it is an approach where the […]

Common Mistakes Most Parents Make When It Comes to Their Kid’s Education

How to Improve the Concentration Power of Kids to Help Them Focus Better on Academics

All parents wish for nothing but the best for their children. The same holds true with respect to education as well. Often, parents research between multiple schools before enrolling their children to a school in particular. The only desire that the parents have is for their children to enjoy going to school, learn something new […]