Dealing With Temper Tantrums in Young Kids

5 Reasons Why AI Should Be a Part of School Education

All parents love their kids to the core and even cherish their silly frenzy as well. However, at times, it so happens that children go on testing the patience of the parents, and one such common situation is when the kids begin to throw temper tantrums. So, how do you deal with the situation? You […]

Early Childhood Education Lays Down the Groundwork for Future Learning

The Adverse Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle in Children

We all know that the foundation for learning is laid throughout the early years of a child’s life, ideally during 0 to 6 years. When the foundation is laid right, it helps ensure better future development and great results for kids at all educational levels. In fact, early intervention of kids in the learning process […]

Easy Ways to Build Math Skills in Your Pre-schooler

Sports Form a Vital Aspect in Modern World Education: Here’s Why!

Math is one subject that most children detest and run away from. You must have often encountered questions from your children like “Why is Math important in life?” or “Why do we have to do this Math at all!!” But no matter how much the subject is hated, the fact is that math comes to […]