Are You Unknowingly Giving Out a Wrong Impression of Body Image to Your Children?

Body image is all about how we see ourselves in our mind’s mirror. It is more of a sentiment than a reality. The way we look, behave, talk, and react, makes our body image, and a lot of these images are nothing but how others perceive us. Likewise, sometimes even children get to judge themselves […]

The Right Way to Discourage Any Backchat from Kids

Do the phrases “I will not do it!” “But why should I always do as you say,” etc., seem familiar to you? Does your kid revolt almost every time you instruct him/her around? Well, you are not alone in the battleground of parenthood. Most parents face the same challenge every day. Backchats, no matter how […]

Proper Packaging of Food is Vital for Ensuring Food Safety

Kids should be Encouraged to Face the Fears

The sight of an empty lunchbox when kids return from school brings such a relief to the mothers. And why not, after all, from brain development to physical agility, everything depends on the regular nutrition intake of the kids. And, food remains the primary source for the same. This is the reason why plenty of […]