How to Foster Interest-Based Learning among Young Minds

According to the words of the wise, the purpose of education should be to bring a thirsty horse near the sea. If we can keep the metaphor at bay for a while, this simple sentence explains how important curiosity or interest is for augmenting the learning process.  Education, at no point, should feel like a […]

STEM Learning Promotes Out-of-the-Box Thinking among Young Buds

The Gadget Addiction – How to Fight the New Menace!

Education is an ever-evolving process. Right from ancient times to this modern era, education has always found new ways to make children learn better. Lately, the focus of education has shifted from textbook learning to assimilation of knowledge. Educators worldwide are rung through research on how to develop understanding more than memorizing. With plenty of […]

Interaction is the Key to Raising the Effectiveness of Remote Learning

How to Turn Embarrassment into a Valuable Learning Experience for Your Children

With the pandemic ruling every corner of the world, we have adapted our lives to the new normal to push the COVID contaminations over the edge. However, there’s no denying that the outbreak of this pandemic has significantly impacted every aspect of our lives. It has not only restricted our movement but also has changed […]

How to Make Your Child Understand the Difference between Indulgence & Needs

Why is it essential to encourage rational thinking among children

There is no doubt about the fact that necessity has always been the driving force behind the infallible progress of the human race. Be it the first fire the cavemen lighted or the rolling log that inspired them to shape wheels to add pace to communication, necessity has indeed been the mother of invention. But, […]