The Importance of Fueling Your Child’s Imagination

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ―Albert Einstein If necessity is the mother of invention, imagination is the very way to achieve it. A mind that cannot go beyond the prevailing perceptions and ideas and explore the world that lies beyond with unlimited potential hidden within its womb […]

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Indeed Learn Coding!

How to Teach Kids to Avoid Running from Challenges

Technology has changed the way the world once worked. With its all-pervasive presence and applications, technology has not only morphed and improved our ways of living; it has also altered the academic and educational requirements dramatically. While earlier, reading and writing were regarded to be the pillars of learning, coding is gradually becoming another essential […]

Six Rules You Must Abide By to Stay in Pink of Your Health

Six Rules You Must Abide By to Stay in Pink of Your Health

Early age is the best time to learn and grow. It is during an early age that the brain is most agile and capable of learning fast and efficiently. Probably, this is why the lessons learned at an early age are often remembered for a lifetime. However, none of these would be possible if your […]