4 Tips to Keep Boredom Away from Learning

Can Play and Learning Go Hand in Hand

Education can be effective and wholesome only when the learners can enjoy every moment of the teaching sessions. But what has been seen is that while more emphasis is given on what should be taught to the kids, less focus is laid on how the same should be taught. The level of assimilation of the […]

Gurukul The School: Welcoming a New Era of Modern Education


In the past decade, we have witnessed major developments in technology, expansion of national and global economies, and even significant advancements in the society. As the world around us registers such remarkable progressions, it is time for education to keep up with this ever-changing world to prepare our children as the global citizens that they […]

Innovative Learning is the Way to Professional Success Ahead

Every Child Deserves to Get a ‘Genius Hour’

The world is changing today, and so is our future generation and their learning needs. There no denying the fact that with the changing intellectual capacity and modern trends and advancements, it has become necessary to bring innovation in education. The evolving educational arena demands educators to create an all-inclusive environment that fosters children’s love […]

Fight Your Math Fear With These 5 Effective Tips

Is Good Behavior Innate or Can it Be Instilled in Kids?

The fear of math or the ‘math phobia’ is something that generally keeps children away from the subject. And this aversion for math often leads to the formation of anxiety and fear towards mathematics in the young minds. This fear makes children believe that they don’t have a mastermind to excel in the subject of […]

Adapting To The New Normal: What Will It Be Like?

How Does the Co-education System Help Improve Social Intelligence in Kids

‘The new normal’: haven’t we heard this term too many times in the past few days? Right from the way we shop, our modes of communication, to the way we work, everything has been categorized under the new normal ever since the pandemic has hit the world. And, truth be told, we are still adjusting […]