Role of Parents in Making the Exam Time Less Stressful for Their Kids

Kids should be Encouraged to Face the Fears

Regardless of the age of the child, parents always play a significant role in shaping the future of their kids. Sometimes the parents actively encourage the kids to follow their goals, and sometimes they remain silently present behind the young ones as their supporting pillars. Parents, hence, always have a direct or indirect influence on […]

Diet Tips to Help Meet the Energy Demands of your Kids

How to Help Your Child Improve His Her Pronunciation Skills

Children, though look small, actually have huge energy demands. And trust us, their energy demands are even higher than adults. After all, it is the childhood phase when maximum growth takes place. From brain development to muscle formation, every growth-related physiological task occurs at an early age, which does require a lot of energy. Besides […]

How to Ace Your Exams – Tips Worth Sharing!

How to Turn Embarrassment into a Valuable Learning Experience for Your Children

Examinations are integral to the education system. And when it comes to preparing for the examinations, effort, hard work, focus, concentration, and determination pave the path to success. Though we, at Gurukul The School, recognized as the top most school in ghaziabad, firmly believe that merely good scores cannot be considered as the indicators of […]

What Does Your Child Want from You?

An Attitude of Gratitude is What We Need to Instill in Children Today

It is commonly said that when a child is born, a parent is born as well. Children are the most precious things for any parent, and the parents, too, are the pillar of existence for the kids. Hence, the relationship between a parent and a child can be best defined as mutually enriching and exhaustive. […]