Why is it Vital to Teach Kids to Resolve Conflicts on Their Own?

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It is natural for children to get embroiled in a conflict or a battle of wills with other kids and even adults at times. Karen Stephens, director of Illinois State University Child Care Center, suggests that just as inevitable the conflicts are, they are also necessary for equal measures as they can teach kids some […]

Gurukul Crossings – Setting Benchmarks in the World of Education

Gurukul Crossings – Setting Benchmarks in the World of Education

Just think about the education system a few years back and the ways of imparting education therein. How was it? Classrooms full of students, going through one study period after another, the teachers reading aloud from the textbooks and the students reading along with them getting their classwork and homework done, and the drudgery continues […]

The Benefits of Learning through Educational Trips

The Benefits of Learning through Educational Trips

When staying within the confines of the classrooms and school grounds, monotony is bound to seep in through the crevices. Educational trips are one of the best ways to break through that monotony and bring in a welcoming change to the daily routine. The fun and excitement that the students feel are evident at how […]

Psychological Empowerment of Kids is as Crucial as their Physical Nourishment

Awakening the Sense of Creation is Necessary for Ensuring Holistic Development of Kids

Psychological empowerment of children can be defined as instilling in them a sense of competence, control, and goal internalization. It can be considered as a cognitive state of multifaceted construct reflecting the different dimensions of being psychologically enabled. It is seen as a positive integrate of perceptions of personal control and a proactive approach to […]

How to Support Intellectual Development of Kids

An Attitude of Gratitude is What We Need to Instill in Children Today

Intellectual development is characterized by the way a child acquires knowledge, learns, and interacts with his/her surroundings. Though the intellectual development of an individual is a continuous process of development that begins right from birth and goes through adulthood, a major part of this development is accomplished during the early years of childhood. Thus, we, […]