Gurukul The School – Igniting the Desire for Knowledge in the Young Minds

“Teachers should radiate knowledge and ignite the minds of the youth and give them the confidence to think beyond”- Lt. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, Aerospace Scientist and the11th President of India. Knowledge is righteousness, creativity, indomitable spirit, and courage, and it is the combination of all these that create enlightened citizens and the nation builders […]

Discipline Policy at Gurukul Towards Creating an Environment of Collaboration

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It is a given fact that the ideals and standards of discipline are ingrained in our minds from a very young age. The basics of how to respect elders, how to conduct ourselves, how to manage time, and the likes are some of the things that we all hear and learn from our parents and […]

Career Options Post Completion of XII Boards in Science

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The end of the board exams for class 12th brings in a lot of mixed feelings in the young minds. On one hand, there is the tinge of sorrow staining your hearts as you bid goodbye to your school forever, and on the other hand, there is a constant worry about the career options that […]

Streams and Structure of CBSE after Class 10th

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It is not unusual to hear children say things like “I want to be a pilot when I grow up” or “I want to grow up to be an astronaut” and so on. Beyond those early flights of fancy, very few of them actually give serious thoughts to the career choices before the 10th standard […]

Gurukul’s Approach to Teaching Life Skills to Students

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In the constantly changing modern environment that we live in today, being instilled with the crucial life skills forms an important part of being able to meet the challenges of daily life. The dramatic changes noted in the global economies over the past couple of years have been matched with simultaneous transformation in technologies, and […]