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Swami Vivekananda said "Education is the manifestation of perfection already in a man" and today I realized in this school, how Education can be perfected with participation of teachers, students. Parents and the administrators. My best wishes to the school.

DR.Ranjit Chatterjee
C.M.O of ICU-Swami Dayanand Hospital,Delhi

I am so happy to see these children of Gurukul and hope the day will come when they will bring fame for their school as well as for their nation.

Mr.Madhukar Shyam
Former National Champion-GYMNASTICS

Felt very good to hear about the performances of the school. Best wishes for Gurukul The School.

Ms.Arti Kohli
Olympian-96 and Bhim Awardee-Govt.of India

A wonderful experience interacting with the teachers

Harish Chaudhry (professor IIT Delhi)

School is not the right word for this place. This place is the personality development HUB. Thank you so much for what you guys are doing. Many more celebs from this school in process.

Radio Jockey-Mirchi 98.3FM

An energizing, empowering and humbling experience. It is heartening to see the excellent effort at holistic education and supporting divergent perspectives. The best part is that the students are confident, curious and ready to take on the world. Keep up this credible effort.

Ms.Nitasha Devasar
MD-Taylor & Francis-India

For me this is the Gurukul that my parents talked about. Its Indian way of telling the worldthat we are the "Vishwa Gurus". Thanks for giving me the wonderful opportunity of visiting Gurukul.

Mr.Sandeep Yash
Sr.Editor/Controller-Rajya Sabha Television

It's a great Institute dedicated to quality education

Dr.Niranjan Chakraborty
Director-National Institute of Plant Genome Research

I have the occasion to visualize the commitment to achieve excellence by Gurukul The School. Same is reflected from the achievements seen every year. My best wishes for all.

Honorable Justice

Dear Gurukul School- Thank you so much for inviting us to this beautiful performance. Such talent, passion and 100% commitment in your efforts. Congratulations to the teachers, the parents and the coordinators of this magnificent program.

Elder Barry Hubbard
Latter Day Saints Church

It is an amazing wonderful experience to be in Gurukul. The school is a Top class institution. The school provides opportunities for all round development of the schoolchildren. The science exhibition and the performance on stage were excellent. Best wishes to the school.

Mr.Jay Kishore Mishra
Additional Director General in CCI and Commissioner of Income Tax

The school has a very grand look and high standard of performance in studies and extracurricular activities. I noticed that the motivational levels are very high and I wish they will all be high achievers. The teachers and staff need to be complimented for their discipline and hard work.

India Director, Amity Institute of Good Governance

Thank you for the gracious invitation. It is a great joy, delight and privilege to visit Gurukul The School and witness the amazing, incomparable and unforgettable performance put up by the students and teachers. Credit for the achievements and accomplishments goes to the leadership of the institution.
My best wishes and blessings to the students and everyone associated for their bright and glorious future.

Honorable Ambassador
Ashok Sajjanhar

Dear Friends I do not think you will ever understand the positive impact this exchange has brought to me as a person. Your warm and inviting nature has made me feel so special. My hoists welcomed me fully in to their family-to which I am extremely grateful. Your children are special and have a thirst for knowledge. This school will forever have a place in my heart. I am changed as a person. Thank you for this experience.

Ms.Carol Lynch
HOD-Geography, Victoria College

Dear Friends your school is like a family and I have felt privileged to be part of it during this week. I will always remember the wonderful insight I have gained in to your culture. It is colorful, vibrant and diverse. Your students and teachers are excellent ambassadors for your country. Please accept my gratitude for enriching my life and this experience will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the teaching I will undertake in future.

Ms.Helen Robinson
Language Teacher

A wonderful warm welcome from a vibrant school team. Gurukul is the most creative and academically sound school I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Mr.Simon Lind
Professional Educationist
Cambridge University

It was inspiring to come here and meet such a dynamic and open minded team of teachers. The campus is beautiful and carefully maintained with love and care. This shows the commitment of the management. We look forward to collaboration.

Dr.Pascal Chazot and Ms.Anju Musafir
Founders of Mahatma Gandhi International School, Ahmadabad

An exceptional school with dedicated leader and founders.

Mr.Kirt L.Hodges
President-Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

A great ecosystem that I find is the centre of excellence of education in the country. In my view it is the real making India model for all other schools to follow. I must felicitate the management of this Gurukul for their visionary societal development. Long live Gurukul. Thanks for the opportunity to witness wonderful students and brilliant faculty.

Former Vice Chancellor-UPTU

I experienced spiritual vibrations as well as Athithi Devo Bhava in your school. I am extremely happy to note that besides academic education various aspects of character are being taken care of. I pray to Almighty that a day is not very far when school will have a college. I am confident that Gurukul school will progress by leaps and bounds.

Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar
Honorary Secretary Of Judah Hyam Synagogue,New Delhi

It feels like I am back home and of course it's my home, where I see my teachers who are no less than parents. My roots, my place and here I am. Best feeling in the world. Love from bottom of my heart and will always be there.

Mr.Akash Chaudhary
Mr.India World Wide-2016

This was a totally enriching experience. It was a true revelation of Indian Culture and teaching styles and expectations. We look forward to future collaboration with our schools and will always remember all you did to make us feel at home. It is a hard act to follow.

Sandra Williams
Boston Latin School- US

The last 2 days have been so much I am not sure how I will manage to get through the rest of the year.Please tell everyone how much I enjoyed our visit and how much I look forward to returning to see/ work with you all.

Zach Smith
Boston Latin School- US

Congratulations to the school, staff and management for living up to the name that is Gurukul in true sense. I am overwhelmed by the hospitality shown. The school is doing extra efforts to retain the quality of education. I wish them good luck in their future endeavors.

Dr.Kavita Sharma
NCERT,New Delhi

A wonderful Investiture Ceremony. An exuberant cultural programme.It was all nice and excellent. Let Gurukul grow. Let knowledge grow.

Group Captain Krishna Kumar Sharma
Indian Air force

When the energy levels are so palpable, the entire ambience so electrifying and yet so gracious, it only shows that so much of soul and heart has gone in to making the institution what it is.
Fortunate are those who are part and parcel of Gurukul fraternity. May the school rise to level of greatness where other schools can feel inspired.

Brigadier Vivek Sohal
Sena Medal (Gallantry)

I have enjoyed the wonderful ceremony, children are wonderful and the work of the school teachers and its principal is amazing.Wish all the possible achievement to the school !!
Also welcome to the programmes of Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

Ms.Tatiana Perova
Director Russian Language Institute

What a wonderful celebration. We are honored to join with you today and see your outstanding school, the talents of the students and celebrate their success. Congratulations to Gurukul The School.

Elder Evensen
Director Public Affair
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Gurukul The School is one of the best schools I have ever visited in Delhi/NCR. I saw the students are passionate about the school. I realized the management is so supportive in academic and other curricular activities. I wish all the best to the school on its 14th Founders day.

Dr M.A.Sikandar
Dirctor of National Book Trust, India (NBT)

Gurukul is an amazing school with an extremely forward looking and vibrant character. The annual programme on a very interesting theme "Peace Prevails" was the best ever function attended by me. Children were confident, way beyond their age. The school is in very good hands. Management has rare fervor and pasiion. Soon school should carve a niche for itself as the very best.

Major General Pramod Saighal
(Retd.head of Army Air Defence)

It has been one of the most amazing experiences in the recent times to be part of this brilliant event, which is full of creativity, energy and enthusiasm of little children and teachers. I congratulate the School for imparting the precious learning to the future of nation.

Dr.Urvashi Makkar
Director of IMS,Ghaziabad

To be extremely honest, I accepted since I was curious, amongst other things, to see for myself a school with such a traditional name from the roots of ancient Indian civilization.
The exhibition of hand crafted pottery, waste material creations of objects d'art and paintings in the Warli style of tribal art was mind blowing and could have done credit to any College of Fine Arts.
During the show, I had tears of joy. My pocket towel was wet... The children were natural, spoke eloquently, covered the origins of the Nobel Peace Prize, an excellent audio visual about the history of the various peace symbols, educated us about Kailashji, the latest winner; danced divinely and some had combinations of Michael Jackson's breakdance and traditional yoga including sheeshahan.
The dances had snatches of ballet with the nubile young girls dancing on their tip toes with white leotards on; with deliciously pink frilly skirts with flounces. OOH!!! Irresistably marvellous. The other numbers were vigorous and to popular hindi film and western music... The joy of watching was that everything was centred around world peace and what each one of us could do to contribute.
I must have attended over 500 school performances over the years, if not more. I can honestly say, this was among the BEST FIVE EVER, in any country. Outstanding.

Mr.Vikram Dutt, a former Civil Servant ,Documentary film maker, Gaurav Samman Awardee, Editorial Consultant to Boston University journal, recipient of 'Man Of The Year' and 'Man Of The Decade' awards from USA.

Gurukul lives up to its name. It is truly a very remarkable institution. The teachers are to be complimented for being such wonderful mentors. The students also demonstrated the superlative level of instruction available to them. Thank you very much for inviting me to such a beautiful experience in celebrating the Girl Child Day.

Ms.Mridula Tandon
President of Sakshi NGO

It was an honor to witness an excellent show and the remarkable dedicated team of students. The ambience and environment of the school is fabulous. Modernity along with tradition seems to be the hallmark. I wish the school, teachers and administration the very best.

Kapil Singh
City Magistrate,Ghaziabad

"With all Best Wishes and God Speed"

Mr. Sayyed Kirmani (Legendry Cricketer)

"What a great concept, with tons of Love and God speed. May you soar higher and higher"

Mr. Bishen Singh Bedi. (Legendry Cricketer)

"My Best Wishes to Gurukul in its endevour of imparting Value based education."

Mr. Nittish Bharadwaj (Actor, Mahabharat fame)

"After coming to Gurukul The school, I feel like becoming a student all over again.... Best Wishes."

Mr. Sunil Grover (Actor, R J,Sud Fame Radio Mirchi)

"A beautiful concept, Luv u all, Happiness Always"

Mr. Aamir Khan (Superstar)

"It was a wonderful experience. Children are our future and Gurukul is doing an amazing job of moulding them into responsible and enlightened citizens."

Mr. Indra Mani Pandey (Jt. Secretary Govt. of India)

"Had a very good time. Keep working hard. You have large responsibilities. Great School Great Students"

Mr. Saba Karim (Ex. Cricketer team India)

"Fragrance of flowers spread only in the direction of the minds but the goodness of person spreads in all directions."

Mrs. Kiran Bedi

"It was enthralled by the presentation on the special day by the students. The effort was exemplary. Best wishes to the young champions of tomorrow cheers"

Mr. Siddarth Sharma (Star News)

"Found interesting and very peaceful location with negligible pollution (air, sound etc) the only suggestion or advice is to create same kind of culture atmosphere too". Enjoying alot.... leaving with a wonderful feel......

Mr. Srivardan Trivedi (Sansani Star News)

"Thank you for allowing me to see your beautiful school. The education you provide for your children is of such a high standard. Very well done and very best wishes".

Mrs. Barbara Phillips (OXFORD)

"A very nice teaching group, very interactive, enthusiastic. I enjoyed taking the workshop. A special thank you to Principal Madam for giving me this wonderful opportunity. A beautiful and fantastic school. My best wishes to the teachers".

Mrs. Uma Narayan (Orient Black Swan)

"Vibrations of purity, love, hospitality and compassions are present in the entire School and in every member of this wonderful family".

Ms. Brahm Kumari Shivani Ji

"It was an eventful day coming to Gurukul and spending time with the children and teachers. One of the best of school I have seen. Good wishes and God Bless".

Mr. Mathew Cherian (Chief Executive Help Age India)

"Thank you Gurukul School. You made our trip to Delhi very special. We will always have beautiful memories of our interaction. Keep the good work! Keep on spreading the light of peace". Bringing us together even more strongly. Long Live India! Long Live Pakistan!

Khaldunia High School - Pakistan

You are an amazing team. Special thanks to Director Mrs Shikha vats, Principal Ms. Seema Sahay. The School has great leaders and team of teachers. This has been a wonderful experience.

Ms. Mohini Ghosh

I really liked Gurukul as an institution, all the people whom we interacted with were warm and open, detailing of things should be appreciated - water came with a nice foil on top and so on...Children were brimming with energy and I enjoyed conducting the camp with them. Discipline was also very good !!All the Best !!

Mr Jatin Chawla ( Centre for Career Development)

It was truly amazing to interact with the students and teachers. The performance of the students were truly extra ordinary . It was my great pleasure to be here. Thank You !!

Ms. BK Kimi Singla (Face to Faith)

No more suggestions because the school is already so well.

Mr. Mritunjay mishra (Amar Ujala)

Overwhelming.... Keep up Gurukul

MS. Dinesh Gautam (Sahara India Media)

It was a pleasure experiencing the warmth , vibrance and the ethics of Gurukul. I can only wish that there were schools like Gurukul for ud to study in....

Ms. Anju Mehta (School Programmes British Council)

It was a very pleasurable experience which renews my faith in the future of India being very bright. The children are imbibing truly the spirit of Gurukul. My best wishes

Justice G.S.Verma (Former Chief Justice of India)

I salute the administration , Principal , staff and students of Gurukul for this mesmerizing presentation .I wish all of them more success in life.

Ms. Dimple Verma (Secretary to Govt. of India)

Excellent concept, brilliant performance ,discipline of students is remarkable . Compliments for training children to be "All Rounders" .

Ms. Annupama Datta(Director - Helpage India)

Awonderful school with great infrastructure ! A lively and knowledgeable bunch of teachers .Thank you !!

Ms. Payal khatri(Mcmillan India ltd)

The teachers at Gurukul really have zeal to move ahead, understand the students need. I have come across best self managed teachers . It was really a wonderful experience.

Mr. Bhavesh Suryakant(Hindustan Times)

Its my Pleasure for the visit to the school. We do appreciate and congratulate school management for conducting the district hockey championship.It was wonderful arrangement.

Mr Zafar Iqbal (Capt . Indian Hockey team)

It was an absolutely wonderful experience interacting with the children. They are a delightful, cheerful and intelligent bunch .The arrangements were superb . I look forward to further visits here.

Mr. Sanjay Muttoo

A wonderful experience. The performance by the students was excellent - confident students and supporting teachers and parents. A wonderful experience and hope to visit again.

Mr Vineet Joshi (Chairman CBSE)

Gurukul's endeavour to keep traditional values alive in a global educational curriculum is highly commendable.

Mr. Sugeeswara Senadhira (Srilankan High Commission)

Excellent infrastructure. I am sure with the Principals dynamic leadership , it will scale new heights.

Ms. Neelam Salwanka (resource person for English teaching)

Thankyou so much for your kind and generous hospitality. Your warm welcome touched my heart with gladness. May you all be blessed with a fulfilled life filled with joy.In gratitude friendship....

Mr. David weeks(Glenelg Country School,Maryland,USA)

It was lovely to be a guest of Koffee @ Gurukul - it was an intimate experience that enabled many of those present to be involved in discussion. I can certainly see that the children are in good hands and a nurturing environment.

Mr. Ken Spillman(Australian author)

Be the change by being in Action.

Mr. Remco Van Santen (Chairman My clean India)

Very nice, tho' rather 'western' oriented. Am glad all the children get an opportunity to come on stage in an non threatening environment.

Prof. Parvin Sinclair (Director NCERT)

Doing great work ! Keep it up !!

Ms Sushma Malik (Quality control India)

I am Honoured and delighted to be here. One could sense the hard work and perseverance that must have gone into the preparation of Spandan. My heartiest congratulations !!

Mr. Kishore Ajwani (ABP News)

It was a wonderful program of tiny tots . The Gurukul has given modern education with traditional values. This is really wonderful !!

Mr. Viresh Raj (Superintendent Dasna Jail )

Everything so well organised ! Keep it up !!

Ms. Simmi Kher (Consultant India TBFF)

It was privilege to be part of the event. The kids did amazingly well and I really appreciate the initiative by school and teachers.

Mr. Amit Gemini (General Manager Systems, Aaj Tak)

The event panorama was well planned and I appreciate the initiative taken up by the school, to extract the real talent of expressing the views through media. Only one word for the event is "AWESOME " .

Dr. Sudhansh Sharma (Assistant Prof. SOCIS ,IGNOU)

It was nice being here and meeting everyone. The school has very pleasant ambiance and kids are very creative and open to learn. Thanks for making me a part of it.

Mr. Vinay Singh (Creative Head Twin Brains)

It was wonderful experience to perform here. we have received amazing response from the audience and school staff. Thank you all !!

Ms. Rani Khanam (Kathak Guru, Choreographer)

Gurukul has given me the unique experience of facing a rare example of true love for children. Modern school which is based on values of tolerance , responsibility , love and respect , is a wonderful thing. I wish to see Russian schools which follow the same path.I extend a cordial invitation to all the teachers and students to the Russian Cultural Centre in New Delhi.

Ms. Yelena S. Shtapkina (Russian Centre of science and culture)

True to its name , Gurukul has created a perfect balance between modernity and traditional values. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the annual fiesta NAVRAS. Best wishes to all for eternal happiness.

Dr. R.K. Agarwal (AKG Engineering college)

Extremely professional and inspirational activity of school children , teachers and parents had proven that this school is working on building future !! my congratulations to all and Best Wishes !!

Mr. Alisher Umarov (UNESCO , NEW DELHI)

Spent a very relaxing and enjoyable evening. The efforts of the teachers and students are commendable. Thank you and God Bless !!

Ms. Devpreet Singh (Director - NEWS , Doordarshan)

Indeed it is a pleasure to come and see the budding artists. I believe school is going to have many more feathers in the cap. May God help students in their endeavour .

Dr. V. Singh (Principal/ region Director DAV Public School , Sahibabad)

Gurukul-The School is evolving as a learning organization - translating current policy in right perspectives. Indeed Great Experience .All the Best for all the future endeavour .

Dr. Pranati Panda (Professor NUEPA)

Wonderful school, very pro active Principal .Would love to visit again. Congrats !!

Asha Nayar (Career Counsellor)

I was really touched by the students performance.

Prof. RichaDewan(Maulana Azad Medical College)

It was a pleasure to interact with the students of Gurukul. Bright, full of life and great questions about varied things. It speaks volume of the teachers of the school. I wish school a great future

Shri R. P.N Singh (Union Minister of State for Home Affairs)

It has been overwhelming hours in beautifully designed learning space with thought, care and joy embedded.

Mrs. KantaVadhera (consultant CBSE, President Gyaanam Education Society)

Great faculty, Great management, Great students, great time, Great experience.

Ms. Alisa Kkhan( Bollywood Actor)

Great experience, lovely environment. Just reminded me of my school days.

Mr. Ajay Choudhary(Actor)

A wonderful experience with good disciplined students Very nice experience and appreciated the student performances

Shri Pitam Singh Director(CTET)

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