The Impact of Your Kid’s Happiness Quotient on His/her Health

“Happiness is the highest form of health.” – Dalai Lama

Happiness is the key to building a healthy life. Much like every other life-forming factor, happiness, too, has its share to make sure that a child grows into a healthy individual.  Some of the recent studies and researches have revealed the fact that when a child feels happy from within, certain chemicals secrete that helps in fuelling the process of growth and learning simultaneously. This is why we, at Gurukul The School,believe that it is important that just like other facets of life, due focus is given on helping the kids find happiness from their surroundings and not to associate the same with physical wealth. Here is how a smile can turn the physiology around. 

Better Eating Habits and Appetite

Children who mostly stay irate tend to refuse meals and fuss over the menu every day. But, a happy child is more amiable and seldom throws tantrums during the eating time. Thus, a child lacking happiness of mind often ends up depriving itself of essential nutrients by refusing to take adequate nutrition-rich food. However, a happy child would consume any food with a smile on the face, which helps to ensure a healthy life with strong immunity. Hence, happiness has a direct relation with the food intake that, in turn, decides the standards of physical health to a great extent.

Enhanced Brain Agility

Happiness surely contributes to enhancing brain agility. When a child feels happy, he/she tends to remain mentally sound owing to the secretions that boost the functioning of the brain. With a smile on the lips and peace at heart, happy children feel lighter-hearted, which helps them to invest their brainpower in managing other constructive tasks.  Lack of happiness is a state of the mind that needs attention and mending, and the brain works towards it to bring it back to the light of joyfulness. Hence, a mind lacking happiness exhausts the brain making it less available and ready for other creative tasks. This indicates how the overall mental health of a child gets altered with the level of happiness.

Improved Energy Levels

According to physicians, happiness is a state of mind that can encourage a child to stay active and agile. When a child laughs or enjoys a moment with all his/her heart, oxygen flow to the cells increases and the same improves the energy level of the kids as well. Hence, happiness has a direct connection with the level of energy your child has. The happier a child is, the healthier he/she would be. Hence, make sure that your child always stays in high spirits to ensure good health for him/her.

Better Social Communication

Happy children are more likely to gel with others and their surroundings easily. Consequently, they hone communication and socializing skills more easily than other children. If a child is happy in nature, he/she would go out more frequently, talk to others with a smile on the face, and make friends to spend a good time. All these contribute to maintaining the mental as well as physical health of a child besides making him/her a well-behaved individual.

As far as holistic learning is concerned, learning to stay happy is surely integral to it. This is one of the prime reasons why we, at Gurukul The School, one among the leading schools near Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad, keep the environment candid and stress-free to make sure that children learn through games, activities, interactive sessions, and outdoor experiences. With us, the traditional classroom teaching remains as a supportive learning structure and never the sole pillar for educating the kids. At Gurukul, we emphasize on happy learning than anything else. Every teacher and student in our school has a special bond of love and respect that helps them stay tuned with the positive vibes of education; never letting the child feel stressed or bored through the process.

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