How to Teach Children to Overcome Difficult Situations

Life is a journey full of ups and downs. As such, the best way to prepare your kids for the journey ahead would be to make them understand that every bump along the road is a lesson and not an obstacle. Once they start realizing that every odd comes with some evens in them, they […]

Summer Hygiene Tips for Kids

The Importance of Career Counseling for Students

Every season comes with its unique weather, fruits, flowers, and other offerings. However, in the Indian subcontinent, the sultry summers are known for high temperatures and scorching heat. Though the schools are currently closed for a while, and children aren’t going out owing to the lockdown, the rise in heat can still make children feel […]

Effective Ways to Teach How to Spell to Your Little Ones

So, your young genius is already somewhat of a math whiz for whom no sum seems difficult enough. She might also be a budding artist with all that painting skills she is picking up so fast. But, when it comes to knowing the right sequence of letters to form a word, it seems your little […]

How to Drive Away the Boredom & Blues during the Lockdown

The crisis of COVID-19 has left the world in utter panic and chaos. A nation-wide lock down has been implemented in India for the safety of the nation and its people. Everything from malls and restaurants to offices and transportation is under complete shut-down, adding much to the agony of people. However, the sudden deprivation […]

Tips to Instill the Love for Learning in Children

Let Your Child Bloom in the “No Bag Environ” at Gurukul Crossings

“The purpose of education is to bring a thirsty horse near the sea.”- A popular proverb Education is a process through which a child gains the insight to look into things as they are. It is never about merely securing high grades and degrees. Instead, it aims at making every individual a complete human being. […]

Role of Communication in Parent-Child Relationship

Communication, in essence, is knowing how to give and how to receive. Good communication involves understanding, listening, availability, mutual respect, and emotional support. Ability to effectively communicate is crucial in every sphere of life, but one of the most important aspects where communication plays a vital role is in the development of the parent-child relationship. […]

From Cranky to Cheerful – How to Bring About a Positive Modification in the Behavior of Kids

There is a belief that behavioral traits descend during the early days of childhood, and it is more of an acquired aspect of character than an inherent one. Psychology of kids is a complicated thing to understand, and their world remains surrounded by ideas, images, and thoughts that are hard to interpret and are subject […]

The Most Common Reasons Why Kids Avoid Listening to the Parents

The Most Common Reasons Why Kids Avoid Listening to the Parents

Have you ever noticed your child selectively listening to what you say? Does he/she sometimes ignore you outright or seems to be completely avoiding listening to you? We, at Gurukul The School, understand that it can be frustrating for parents to see their child not paying attention to them. Every parent wants their children to […]

How to Teach Kids about the Importance of Sanitation & Hygiene

How to Teach Kids about the Importance of Sanitation & Hygiene

It is said that prevention is better than cure. And when it comes to health, the ideal way to keep health at its best condition is to maintain the general norms of sanitation and hygiene. This is indeed the best way to stay protected from the infections. But while we, adults, understand the importance of […]

New Skills You Can Teach Your Kids during Their Stay at Home Period

New Skills You Can Teach Your Kids during Their Stay at Home Period

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and are struggling to keep up with the latest news coming up from all the quarters about the coronavirus pandemic, we completely understand your situation. Separating facts from fiction, keeping track of the latest developments about CoVID-19, and keeping calm: that’s all we can do at this point […]