How to Help Your Child Improve His/Her Pronunciation Skills

How to Help Your Child Improve His Her Pronunciation Skills

Pronunciation is the ability to produce words, sounds, and sentences that are clear and can be effortlessly interpreted and understood by others to express the basic wants and needs. If the pronunciation remains unclear, it can have a crucial impact on the way a child interacts with others. It also affects the development of social […]

What is Social Anxiety and How Can You Help your Kids Fight the Same?


Social anxiety is a common condition seen in children and teens everywhere, whereby, they have a persistent and excessive fear offacing social situations like parties, school events, athletic activities, etc. This fear stems from the feeling that something embarrassing may happen, which can make others think any less of them or mock them for life. […]

Why is it vital to teach kids about our culture and traditions?

Why is it vital to teach kids about our culture and traditions

Culture and traditions refer to a pattern of human activity, the symbols which give significance to this activity, and it is represented in varied ways through the customs, costumes, literature, and art prevalent in a community. It will not be an exaggeration to call it the lifeblood of a vibrant society, expressed in the ways […]

Gurukul The School – Providing a Futuristic Platform to the Budding Minds

Gurukul The School – Providing a Futuristic Platform to the Budding Minds

The increased complexity and the rapid changes in today’s world have been consistently posing new challenges and new demands to the education system. This has led to growing awareness among the masses for the necessity to bring about a change in the education impartation style so that students can be prepared more productively to meet […]

Gurukul’s Approach to Character Education


“Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” —Abraham Lincoln. The metaphor of a tree, as mentioned by President Lincoln, reminds us that teaching our children the time-honored principles through character building helps them to stay rooted strong. […]

Generation Gap – Can we ever fill that up?


Generation Gap refers to a difference in attitude, or we can also call it a lack of understanding between the older and younger generations. This gap of understanding between the two generations has always existed, but with time, it has now reached an explosive stage. The patterns and values of the present generation show a […]

The Multidimensional Benefits of Student Exchange Programs


With the countries going global like never before, the importance of initiatives like student exchange programs cannot be stressed enough. The global economy is introducing more and more exciting opportunities in various parts of the world, and in such a scenario, to excel in one’s life and career, it is no longer enough to limit […]

Gurukul – Imparting the Young Minds the Education for Life


Every child has a genius within. But these young little geniuses definitely need the environment where they can be groomed holistically and are imparted with the education for life. It is here that the educational institutions, particularly the schools, play a crucial role in shaping the future of the young minds. Schools carry the responsibility […]