New Year, New Hopes, New Habits – Welcoming the New Year with Positivity & Optimism

Every New Year comes with new hopes, new opportunities, and new resolutions. A touch of positivity and optimism fills us as we leave behind the old days and march into the days illuminated with fresh rays of hope. Hence, starting the year with a feeling of inspiration driven by positive thoughts is of paramount importance to dodge the negatives of the mind and look forward to a better life. The same applies to the children as well. When kids are endowed with a positive environment, they always turn out to be a better human being with stout moral values.

At Gurukul The School, ranked among the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that apart from academic excellence, the character building is also a significant part of the holistic development of children. A kid with ample academic knowledge, but ill manners is never going to be a successful individual. For children to be successful in all their endeavours, having the right perception towards life is also critical, and the same can be ensured through the practice of positive thinking. If children stay positive and act positive, they eventually grow into a person with a golden heart and strong character. It is hence important to make sure that you teach your children the art of staying positive under any circumstance. Instil in them the elements of optimism and positivity so that no negativity can turn the little ones down.

Several researchers have explained and confirmed the fact that positive thinking can be of much impact on a child’s mind. Kids with a positive and optimistic environment often come out to be more sensitive, adaptive, and pro at learning. On that note, let us have a look here at some of the practices that parents can adopt at home to bring in more positivity and optimism in their children’s life.

Be a living example

What the kids observe is what they learn. If you can stay positive and act optimistically before them, the children will automatically learn to be positive.

Allow them to feel

When a kid wishes to cry, let him/her cry. When they wish to laugh, do not look for a reason. Allow the kids to feel free and react as they wish. Once the children become comfortable realizing their emotions, they would become mentally sound and healthy, which promotes positive thinking.

Law of attraction

Explain the fundamentals of the law of attraction to your kids. Let them know that the universe runs on the same principle, and if they stay positive, more positive things will come to them.

Do not criticize

Criticism can be harsh on a child’s mind. Instead, try to encourage them for improvements when they fail to achieve a goal.  Scolding or making harsh comments can be detrimental to the mental health of children. Hence, avoid exchanging heated words in front of your kid and maintain a calm environment that fosters harmony and positivity to nourish the young mind with compassion and kindness.

Teach them the solution

Do not let your child concentrate merely on the problems. Let the kids know that every problem has a solution for sure. This attitude towards problems keep the children away from the negatives associated with hurdles and keep them motivated towards finding probable solutions, putting all their positive energies together. 

We, at Gurukul The School, have welcomed the New Year with much enthusiasm and hope. We wish that every kid in our school and beyond would have an enriching year ahead. However, staying positive and encouraging the inherent strengths that every kid has are a must to make all the resolutions come true. With another fresh year round the corner, come and let’s embrace all its opportunities and rise to the apex of our potentials, keeping the heart, mind, and soul on the right track.

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