Let Your Child Bloom in the “No Bag Environ” at Gurukul Crossings

The sight of the tiny tots carrying huge backpacks on their backs, full of book and endless homework is something that we have become way too accustomed for quite a while now. In fact, the weight of the bags is, at times, almost equal to the weight of the little one! While we can only imagine the predicament of the young ones, researchers have proven the various problems associated with this factor. Medical experts have proven that the backpacks can place a heavy strain on the growing muscles and bones. It can affect their posture and bring in dreadful diseases like spondylitis at an early age.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, we, at Gurukul The School, recognized among the Best CBSE schools near Crossing Republik Ghaziabad, have completely done away with backpacks for our little ones. We have undertaken a progressive approach that believes in putting the emphasis on enthusiastic learning with no scope for boredom and monotony to seep in. Those school bags full of a heavy load of textbooks are nothing but a physical and mental burden to childhood that we do not want our kids to experience. The following are a few of the reasons for us to ensure a “No Bag Environ” in our classes:

The Health Issues

As we mentioned earlier, backpacks pose serious long-term effects on the health of the young ones. Believe it or not, every year a sizeable number of students end up getting medical treatment for various backpack-related injuries, such as spasms of the neck and back and muscle strains. Health experts discourage students from carrying backpacks that are more than ten to twenty percent of the weight of the students. It hinders the growth of the young muscles and bones and the health issues that thus arise continue to affect them for life.

The Safety Considerations

Increasing concerns about child security have also led us to ban backpacks at Gurukul Crossings. Children might conceal sharp objects like scissors and blades in their backpacks, unknowing of the harm that it can cause to them. Besides, hefty bags crowding the classrooms and hallways is something that might cause trouble in movement, and kids, in their playfulness, might topple over those straps and belts. We want our classrooms to be free of all that clutter where they can get enough space for indulging in the fun activities that we lay out for them every day.

Other Major Inconveniences

The inconvenience of backpacks does not stop at merely health issues and posing safety threats. It also affects the learning process of the young ones by limiting them to a set process of learning. We want every day in our school to be full of purpose, excitement, and motivation, and telling them to bring a particular set of books and copies every day puts limits on that goal of ours. We do not want the monotony of fixed periods and set books to bore our children so much that learning becomes a process that they are no longer excited about but rather need to be goaded into.

At Gurukul Crossings, we believe that at a tender age, when our kids are still learning and discovering the world around them, we should not pressurize them by asking them to bring those heavy backpacks to school every day. To us, it seems that this very act creates a wrong mindset about learning from such a young age, and that is difficult to alter later on. Thus, at Gurukul Crossings, we have not only removed the burden of the bag packs from the tender shoulders of our pupils but also offer our tiny wonders with the flexibility of time and extremely caring and friendly teachers who stand strong at each step to help unlock the full potential of the little geniuses.

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