How to React in an Emergency – 5 Things All Kids Must Know

As parents, one of the first and foremost concerns that you have always had is about ensuring the safety and security of the kids. And to that end, there is nothing that you aren’t prepared to do to keep the apples of your eyes protected from any harm. At Gurukul The School, we believe that one of the surest ways for you to keep your children safe is to teach them ways to deal with emergencies.

After all, regardless of how much you strive to make sure that you are always there to be their shield in case of emergencies, such situations that they need to face alone might strike unannounced and unexpectedly. And, the last thing you would want in those scenarios is for your kids to be left without a clue about what they should do next. So, on that note, let’s go through the five crucial things that all kids must know about how to react in an emergency.

  1. Addressing a medical emergency at home

An emergency might arise where your children are the only ones who can communicate information to the medical professionals or first responders. For instance, what if grandma gets hurt, and your kid is the only one around? Thus, it’s important for kids to know whom to call in case of a sudden medical emergency, and exactly what to tell that person. Make sure your child knows the number of your family doctor and also the medical emergency number of your state.

  1. Finding help if they are lost in a public place

Getting lost in a public place, be it an indoor shopping center or an outdoor amusement park, can be really terrifying for both the parents and the kids. So, in such a situation, make sure to tell the kids to look for a helpdesk or search for someone who works there. Most importantly, let the child know that he/she is never supposed to go with a stranger.

  1. Understanding the basic first aid skills

It is wise to teach the kids about administering basic first aid, and the faster they pick up this skill, the better it is for them. After all, what if you leave them home alone for a while, and they accidentally get hurt? We would also suggest taking the help of your family doctor in inculcating the basic dos and don’ts of first aid to your little ones.

  1. When to stay calm and when to scream out

Understanding the need for patience and calmness during emergencies is of utmost significance. However, there are instances when the kids should know that they must scream out and alert everyone around them. For instance, it’s important to stay calm in a medical emergency, but it’s necessary to scream when a stranger tries to get friendly with them on the road.

  1. Never to give out personal information

Children should also know that they are never supposed to give out personal details, such as name, address, or phone numbers to strangers. Tell them that even if the person says that mom and dad have sent them, the child should not fall for such tricks. In fact, you can give your kids a code word that they can ask the person to repeat like a password!

Of course, we hope that our kids never have to use this knowledge, but it is always better to take precautions beforehand. This is why we, at Gurukul The School, recognized as the Top CBSE School in Ghaziabad, would like to suggest all parents to sit down with the kids and communicate the aforementioned details as clearly as possible to them. At the end of the day, emergency preparedness is a skill, and it’s never too early to ensure that the kids are well-versed in this matter.

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