Gurukul – Imparting the Young Minds the Education for Life

Every child has a genius within. But these young little geniuses definitely need the environment where they can be groomed holistically and are imparted with the education for life. It is here that the educational institutions, particularly the schools, play a crucial role in shaping the future of the young minds. Schools carry the responsibility of carefully molding, shaping, and polishing the burgeoning prodigies of tomorrow.

At Gurukul The School, wegenuinely believe in the hidden genius within each child, and very well understand our role to safeguard and ensure the mental, social, and psychological growth and development of each of our pupils.Our Founder Director, Mr. Sachin Vats, holds the view that every child has the potential to be a great human being. They are brilliant and intelligent, and they have the ability tofulfill all their dreams.We, the educational institutions, play a pivotal role in providing children with structured education and many vital skills, including the essential life skills.At Gurukul The School, we stand committed towards the fulfillment of the very purpose of teaching. For us, teaching connotes the creation of strong individuals with the support of one teacher, one book, and one pen. We strive to enable our students to use values in life and explore ways to nurture and sustain humanity.This kind of education lights them up to understand the life better and transform into better human beings and confident professionals. Here are some of the key focus areas that we always keep on priority while imparting education at Gurukul:

Holistic approach of education

School has to be a wonderful, loving, and creative place where each child seeks individual attention. These tender blooming buds need care, compassion, love, and attention to grow into fragrant flowers of our society. Gurukul The School does exactly this. We have successfully implementedholistic approach of education under the able guidance and magnanimous leadership of our Founder, Mr. Sachin Vats, who is himself a well-known educationist, academician, and a visionary.

At Gurukul, we believe that schooling is not just about teaching the kids a lesson a day just for the sake of completing the syllabus. Rather, immense emphasis should be laid on providing the children with the holistic form of education that also encompasses the curricular activitiesand other aspects along with the academics. The stated aspect has been lately proved true by the Gurukulites who showcased their artistic competence to the world by winning laurels internationally. Recently, an international contest “PICASSO INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR ART CONTEST 2018” was held online where students from 63+ countries including USA, UK, India, UAE, and Malaysia participated. The Gurukul students won key prizes to bring pride to themselves, the school, as well as to the entire nation.

Culture thatenhances experiential learning

At Gurukul The School, we always strive to perpetuate a culture of experiential learning. We believe that in the present scenario, it is not empowering enough to teach these young minds ‘what to think.’ We strengthen their skills so that they are empowered on ‘how to think’ and not just ‘what to think.’ This enables them to keep a sharp eye on details and maintain a keen observation for learning things for life. That’s what the purpose of education is. It is rightly quoted by Albert Einstein, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Equipped with modern tools and techniques

Mr. Vats’ passion and dedication towards providing the pupils with the best of education has motivated the school to employ advanced tools and techniques to deepen the process of learning. This allows the teachers at Gurukul to use the best child-centric learning modules which keeps them motivated towards imparting education.Moreover, it helps the students to not only excel in academics but also exhibit excellent results, proving their brilliance in all spheres of life.

Eminent teachers dedicated to education

Teachers are the ‘gurus’ second to mother. We, at Gurukul, firmly believe in strengthening the cause of education.Our teachers and staff nurture the environment of social togetherness in which each child is able to explore and express his/her special abilities. Being a dynamic young educator,Mr. Vats has adopted for Gurukulthe most innovative and advanced educational pedagogies from the prestigious institutions from across the globe.As the Director of Gurukul The School, Mr. Sachin Vats, works closely with the whole team of teachers and ensures the best implementation of the new teaching methods.

Gurukul The School, has made a reputable place amongst one of the best educational institutions in the nationand one of the top five schools in Ghaziabad, where the kids learn with pleasure. Theinnovative learning environment at Gurukulimparts the children with the ability to use the learningsthroughout their lives.The education is imparted in its true sense under the skilled guidance of teachers and is donewithout overloading the young minds with any pressure in the name of knowledge. The Gurukulites are exposed to an atmosphere which precisely gets them on track for a bright tomorrow. For them, life becomes synonymous to learning and learning then automatically initiates growth in life.

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