Generation Gap – Can we ever fill that up?

Generation Gap refers to a difference in attitude, or we can also call it a lack of understanding between the older and younger generations. This gap of understanding between the two generations has always existed, but with time, it has now reached an explosive stage. The patterns and values of the present generation show a marked difference from the earlier generations, so much so, that none of the generations seem to be able to cope with the other effectively. We believe that the problem lies in the fact that rather than considering how we can deal with the generation gap, we keep on accusing that the other generation does not understand us well. Rather than having the will to take up an initiative to resolve the issue, we end up believing that due to the generation gap, mutual agreement and communication between the people of different age groups have become too complicated to be resolved.

We, at Gurukul The School, ranked among the top five schools in Ghaziabad, believe that generation gap can be certainly filled up, but that can be made possible only when both the generations portray the willingness to take a step forward. If we, as the elders, take the first step towards considering their thoughts and understanding their beliefs, then we basically pave the path for them to take the next steps. This way, both the generations can meet halfway through this journey and come to a situation of mutual respect, faith, and understanding.

Mr. Gaurav Bedi, a true visionary and the honorable principle at Gurukul The school, has always believed that in our eagerness to embrace the modern systems, technologies, and competencies, we should never forget or ignore the time-tested traditions handed down to us from generations. The school’s philosophy is deeply rooted in this belief of Mr. Bedi, and the following are some of the ways in which we have applied his ideas in dealing with our young pupils. We believe the following methods are crucial for both the parents and us as the mentors, in filling up the rising generation gap between ourselves and our kids.

Befriend the kids

We believe that the first step in filling the generation gap is to become a confidant and friend to your children. Most of the times, we have seen that kids are just too scared to share the details of their life and activities with their parents due to the fear that they will either be judged or scolded for their choices. Thus, it is crucial for the parents and mentors to listen keenly to the kids before coming down to any conclusions. It is important we let the kids pour their heart out to us whenever they feel like discussing anything. It is crucial that we attempt to see the world through their eyes. Only then can the adults understand the kids better.

Understand the difference between being caring and domineering

With the children of the present generation, being imperious is something that always fails to work. Rather than making the kids to learn the right thing, being dominating with them often make the matters upside down. Thus, it is crucial to impart the message to them, both through our words and actions that we genuinely care for them and are ready to understand their take on the matter.

Improve communication with children

At Gurukul The School, we believe that one of the surest ways of improving communication with children is by showing interest in the hobbies and activities that they enjoy. Be accepting about the cultures, values, standard of living, and their way of seeing life. The gaps in communication are one of the crucial factors leading to the generation gap.It is thus essential to keep the channels of communication open to let them know that they can freely speak their mind whenever they need to.

Try to learn the different facets of technology

It will not be an exaggeration to call the present generation kids as technological geeks. Hence, to bridge the generation gap, it is important for the adults to understand the various facets of the technologies that they are so keen about. As parents, you can ask your children to help you learn things like using different social media platforms, modern gadgets, the current ways of communication with friends and acquaintances, etc. Their ways of approaching technology arealso remarkably different from yours, but the key lies in being patient and eager in learning their ways rather than simply dismissing all of it as unnecessary.

At Gurukul The School, we sincerely believe that generation gap is nothing but the inherent prejudices that lie in our minds for the ways and methods of the younger generation, which is, in fact, the key element that’s serving to widen the gap further. The need of the hour is to communicate and relate to the young generation with an open mind. With positive and continuous efforts from our side, we will surely be able to reach out to them and bridge the generation gap once and for all.

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