From Cranky to Cheerful – How to Bring About a Positive Modification in the Behavior of Kids

There is a belief that behavioral traits descend during the early days of childhood, and it is more of an acquired aspect of character than an inherent one. Psychology of kids is a complicated thing to understand, and their world remains surrounded by ideas, images, and thoughts that are hard to interpret and are subject to change as per the situations.

At times, when the conditions are tough, as in the current days where the entire country is under lockdown, it becomes really hard to keep children in a good mood. Children are at home for more than a month now and are majorly missing out on their outdoor times and entertainment. With no school and no play schedules, it is no surprise that children are often turning cranky and frustrated. So what can the parents do to help their children turn from cranky to cheerful? We, at Gurukul The School, a leading primary school in Ghaziabad, would like to suggest the parents to stay patient through these rough times and be strategic in handling the kids.Here, we are sharing with you some of the ways in which you can handle the cranky kids and turn them into cheerful individuals.

Give time and attention

During this quarantine period, everyone is staying at home. But, staying home does not always imply that you are spending more time with your kids. Instead of staying glued to your own world of entertainment, give time to your kids and spend some quality time with them. The parental association always makes the kids feel loved, safe, and happy. Play some indoor games with your kids, join them in their exercising sessions, and tell them bedtime stories every night. This will help ease the environment at home,and there will be more positive vibes to breathe in.

Let them have ample sleep

Are you sure that your child is getting enough sleep? During these days, when children are following a schedule far from their original one, physical activities have become limited. Also, children are not going for any outdoor games, which again are diminishing their regular dose of activity. Consequently, kids don’t feel too tired to sleep,and stay awake till late night. This disturbed schedule ends up depriving them of their sleep time. It is hence important for the parents to make sure that the kids are engaged in enough exercising during the day so that they happily crawl into the bed in time.

Keep them busy in various activities

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. The same goes true for kids as well. With the lockdown going on, all the kids are already missing their outdoor playtimes and other activities. This alienation from their regular schedule is impacting their behavioral makeup,turning them into fussy and cranky kids. To turn the angry faces into cheerful ones, you can try engaging them in various activities that can be a source of fun as well as learning for them. Keep your kids involved in productive tasks to keep their brains occupied positively and keep away the wicked grasp of fury.

Set up a routine

When children go to school, they generally maintain a routine accommodating all their regular tasks of the day. However, since all the kids are staying home these days, there is no reason to think that the necessity of having a daily routine for them has ended. Instead, make a fresh schedule for them which will be apt for these home quarantine days or else, they will feel irritated from time to time out of lack of activities.

We, at Gurukul The School, sincerely believe that turning a cranky kid into a happy and cheerful one is easy if you can bring about a little change in your perspective and conduct. We would hence like to suggest that you keep your kids engaged in fun activities, allow them to have some entertainment at times, spend quality time with them, and read to them some nice stories and fables. This would not only help to keep them engaged throughout the day but will also strengthen your bonding with them.All these efforts will have a positive and cumulative impact on the behavior of your kids for sure.

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