Connecting With Your Child is Important: Here’s Why?

Before sending your child out into the world, wrap them in layers of your unconditional, healthy love so they won’t be affected by the cold chill of life’s changing seasons – Shadonna Richards

As a parent, you always wish nothing less than the best for your little ones. You want them to have all the worldly happiness and pray that they never have to experience any pain in life. But no matter whatever you do, there are times when things don’t turn out to be that well between you and your child. You end up wondering at times what wrong you are doing in raising your kids. You often feel that despite you putting all the efforts in positively molding your child’s behavior, there is always something that remains short.

Well, there is a simple solution to all the above questions – Try connecting with your children on their level!

So, in this article today, we, at Gurukul The School, a reputed school in Ghaziabad, will discuss why it is necessary for the parents to connect with their children and how it not only benefits the kids but also help to strengthen your relationship with them.

How and why is connecting with your children necessary?

Positive communication has the power to improve even the most bitter of relationships. And when it comes to the parent-child relationship, positive communication can actually do wonders. This is because communication, such as a smile and eye contact, lets your little ones know that you are concerned about them. And because warm, loving relationships are at the heart of a child’s development, such positive and loving modes of communication with the kids aid immensely in their psychological as well as cognitive development.

However, if your child receives negative communication from you, it might signal to them that you are not worried about them or are not happy with their presence. Children can feel rejected or frustrated when this happens.

Yes, we at Gurukul The School understand that parents can also have their own share of stress and pressures, and it might be tough to keep your cool at times. But even if you scold or shout at your child in the heat of the moment, make sure that you do mend the things with the child in sometime.

You can resort to simple things like reading them a bedtime story, having a gadget-free time with them, showing keen interest in their interests, eating together, playing together, and cuddling them as and when you can.

The Benefits of Positively Connecting with Your Child

  • Helps improve their mental health

Studies have revealed that children who share a cordial relationship with their parents are psychologically stronger and happier. That’s because these kids have strong emotional support from their parents that gives them the strength to rise and shine through life’s challenges.

  • Helps reduce behavioral problems

When parents connect positively with their children, they also pass on behavioral traits like giving respect, showing empathy, being honest, and much more to their children. Kids readily embrace these positive behaviors and learn to differentiate between good and bad in terms of behavior. This thereby helps to reduce behavioral issues in kids.

  • Improves physical health

Happiness and health go hand in hand. When kids feel happy from within, it reflects in their overall health as well. And this happiness comes from the affection they share with their parents.

At Gurukul The School, a well-known school in Ghaziabad, we firmly believe that parent-child connection is the most beautiful and the purest form of relationship where both mutually aid each other. While children form the major source of happiness for parents, a warm and loving connection between parents and children also cater to develop and improve the child’s self-confidence, resilience, and communication skills. These skills come to the aid of children all through life, particularly during adolescence and adulthood, where they get exposed to new challenges every day and are required to handle stress while carving healthy relationships with others.

This is why at our school, we lay special emphasis on letting the parents participate and connect with their children by means of various academic and non-academic activities. After all, only when parents involve and connect well with their kids, do the latter get to unleash their full potential in life.

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