Common Mistakes Most Parents Make When It Comes to Their Kid’s Education

All parents wish for nothing but the best for their children. The same holds true with respect to education as well. Often, parents research between multiple schools before enrolling their children to a school in particular. The only desire that the parents have is for their children to enjoy going to school, learn something new each day, and come back as groomed and confident individuals.

However, at times, despite putting in the best of efforts, most parents end up unknowingly making certain mistakes that hamper their kid’s interest in studies and thereby affect their academic performance as well. So today, we, at Gurukul The School, one of the top schools in Ghaziabad, would like to shed light on the topic and discuss with you some of the most common parental mistakes, taking hold of which will help you get the situation in control very soon.

  • All Study, No Play:

Children, who fare well in their studies, are often those who get an opportunity to balance between their academics and playtime. Contrary to this, children who are expected to be engrossed in books at all times are usually physically present in the process but are mentally far away. Thus, it is important for the parents to allow their children to have breaks and playtime in between the study sessions without any hesitation. As one of the top schools in Ghaziabad, we, at Gurukul The School, would suggest you to intertwine academics, extra-curricular activities, sports, and breaks so that children don’t feel overworked.


  • Constant Comparisons:

Even if your child is lagging in studies, comparing his performance with that of his peers is only going to make things worse. Instead, calming down your child and letting him know that it is okay to cope up slowly will keep him reassured. All you have to do is motivate your child to up his performance graph a little higher from where he stood yesterday. Give him time and avoid putting pressure.


  • Being a Micromanager:

We, at Gurukul The School, understand that as parents, you care immensely for your child. This means you do not want him to falter or lose track. However, beware of your actions, or it might lead you to unknowingly end up micromanaging your little one’s actions. At Gurukul The School, ranked among the top schools in Ghaziabad, firmly believe that while it is good to give direction to your children, letting them free at times is also equally important. At no point should you make them feel that you are interfering in their life or taking all their decisions yourself.


  • Use of Harsh Language:

While it is common to assume that being strict with your children or using a stern tone can help with improved performance, the reality is exactly in reverse. Trust us; if your child is feeling disconnected from academics or is just not behaving well, a heartening hug can do more wonders than any amount of scolding or spanking. Going easy on your child is the best you can do for him.

In a nutshell…

There is no doubt that all that the parents want is for their children to excel in life. However, the urge to do everything right can often lead to them losing track.

Thus, an ideal way out is to take things slow. Give time to yourself and your child. Move ahead together. Let your child know that all you are interested in is his progress. This would help your child trust you better, and the kid would gradually grow into a calm, patient, and responsible individual who would willingly choose to be more focused on studies.

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