Early Childhood Education Lays Down the Groundwork for Future Learning

The Adverse Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle in Children

We all know that the foundation for learning is laid throughout the early years of a child’s life, ideally during 0 to 6 years. When the foundation is laid right, it helps ensure better future development and great results for kids at all educational levels. In fact, early intervention of kids in the learning process […]

Easy Ways to Build Math Skills in Your Pre-schooler

Sports Form a Vital Aspect in Modern World Education: Here’s Why!

Math is one subject that most children detest and run away from. You must have often encountered questions from your children like “Why is Math important in life?” or “Why do we have to do this Math at all!!” But no matter how much the subject is hated, the fact is that math comes to […]

How to Ensure Your Kids Grow into Financially Successful Adults?

Use Your Attention Power to Improve Your Kid’s Behavior

We’ve all heard that learning a new language as a kid is considerably simpler than learning as an adult. That is also true in terms of financial literacy. Nonetheless, it has been seen that despite understanding the importance of having financial literacy in life, not many parents step ahead for teaching the same to their […]


Preparing the next generation to sail smoothly through the unpredictable is the newest norm of 21st century education. The gone by era’s 3 Rs have paved the way for new clan’s 4Cs- Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. Education, hence, must weave harmony of synchronous and asynchronous learning models to modulate best student centric practices. […]

New Skills You Can Teach Your Kids during Their Stay at Home Period

New Skills You Can Teach Your Kids during Their Stay at Home Period

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and are struggling to keep up with the latest news coming up from all the quarters about the coronavirus pandemic, we completely understand your situation. Separating facts from fiction, keeping track of the latest developments about CoVID-19, and keeping calm: that’s all we can do at this point […]