How to Teach the True Meaning of Success to Kids?

Success is a very subjective term. Often, people run behind success only to hit a dead end. One of the possible reasons for this is that people usually set unrealistic goals, achieving which is next to impossible. Thus, it is necessary to redefine the ambit of success. This especially holds true for children so as […]

Competitive Exams after 12th – Some Useful Tips!

Quality education forms a vital part in the holistic development of children. Even though elementary education is important, what is equally vital is the choice of stream after completion of standard 12th. Moreover, whatever a student goes on to study after class 12th acts as a stepping-stone in the child’s career ahead. However, the choice […]

Help Your Kids Unleash the Multidimensional Benefits of Diary Writing

Diaries are the gateway to one’s mind and soul. It’s a portal where people can pour their stresses and find an avenue to express themselves away from the prying eyes of society. So why don’t more people do it? The exact answer is hard to pinpoint, but there are many possibilities. Some people find writing […]