Shaping the Mind & Soul through Sports

Shaping the Mind & Soul through Sports

Every parent would surely want the inclusive growth of their loving children. Isn’t it? Whether it’s their diet, studies, cleanliness, or overall grooming, when it is about children, parents wouldn’t want to go less on anything. However, if holistic growth of your child is your aim, we, at Gurukul The School, would like to mention […]

New Year, New Hopes, New Habits – Welcoming the New Year with Positivity & Optimism

New Year, New Hopes, New Habits – Welcoming the New Year with Positivity & Optimism

Every New Year comes with new hopes, new opportunities, and new resolutions. A touch of positivity and optimism fills us as we leave behind the old days and march into the days illuminated with fresh rays of hope. Hence, starting the year with a feeling of inspiration driven by positive thoughts is of paramount importance […]

Student Participation is Instrumental in the Teaching-Learning Process

Student Participation is Instrumental in the Teaching Learning Process

It is one of the prime responsibilities of an educational institute to offer the finest learning experience through effective policies and strategies. And, when we talk about a holistic learning experience, we do not refer to reading aloud from the textbooks, handing over a bunch of assignments, and making students sit for the monthly assessments. […]

Tips to Help Your Child Embrace Math Happily

Tips to Help Your Child Embrace Math Happily

Mathematics is a subject that finds application in every aspect of our lives. From shopping to counting dates, from calculating the time to making budget adjustments, there is hardly any task that is not dependent on mathematics directly or indirectly. Hence, developing a strong base in mathematics is of paramount importance for every child. However, […]

How to Navigate Teen Independence the Right Way

Kids should be Encouraged to Face the Fears

Every human being passes through several phases of growth and development from childhood to adulthood. Each stage of life is characterized by a set of phenomena associated with a specific age. Teenage refers to the age group of 13 to 19, and it is regarded as the most critical growth stage in our life in […]

Teaching Children to Respect the Opposite Gender is the First Thing We Need to Do Today

Let Your Child Bloom in the “No Bag Environ” at Gurukul Crossings

In our country where goddesses are worshipped, it is distressing to see that we are struggling with issues like Gender Sensitivity, Gender Bias, and Gender Equality. These issues have been receiving a lot of focus and talking, and yet we are dealing with these issues without much progress. As schools are the temple of learning […]

Why is Creative Play Important for Children’s Development?

Children learn from life, their surroundings, and most importantly, they learn from their parents and teachers. During their early years, their world expands at a breakneck pace. This is the phase when they need the right support and guidance at every step to grow into independent and focused adults. The right kind of education imparted […]

The Connection between Reading Fluency of Children & their Scholastic Performance

Children and Learning Styles

Scholastic performance is a common challenge for students, parents, and schools. It is not a concern for only the non-performers, but even for the top scorers, who are always expected to get better and better. In such a scenario, would it not be extraordinary support if we find a way to elevate the academic performance […]

The Importance of School Environment


If parents are the first teacher to a child, then it would be apt to say that teachers are their second parents. Schools play an infallible role in laying the foundation for a child’s life. The school and its staff can provide such a constructive environment that helps in the mental and psychological growth and development of […]

Encouraging Exploration in Young Kids Can Aid Their Growth

Encouraging Exploration in Young Kids Can Aid Their Growth

Igniting the light of curiosity in young minds can be a great way to encourage overall learning and affinity towards knowing more. The more a child enjoys exploring new things, the more he/she becomes attached to the learning methods. If a kid fails to enjoy the excitement and the charm attached to exploring the fresh […]