Creative Ways to Teach Children about the Importance of Voting

Why is it essential to encourage rational thinking among children

We live in a democratic country, and elections provide a great opportunity to participate in the democracy. The future of the nation lies in the hands of the next generation. As such, it is important that the budding young minds are taught about their duties of being a responsible citizen. And the first and foremost […]

5 Ways to Boost the Mental Well-Being of Your Children

Be it the tribal uprising against the British forces or the French revolution that altered the frame of politics of the erstwhile world, history has proven time and again that the human brain is potent enough to fuel progress and development. But to draw the maximum potential of mental power, it is essential that due […]

Simple Things to Reinforce Your Connection with Your Teen

How to Turn Embarrassment into a Valuable Learning Experience for Your Children

An individual travels across the path of life through many stages. Right from the toddler days to adulthood, it remains a journey worth pursuing. While every step introduces a young mind to something new and challenging, adolescence is indeed the most challenging part. This is the time when your little one starts to crawl into […]

How to Respond to Oppositional and Defiant Behavior in Children

Is Good Behavior Innate or Can it Be Instilled in Kids?

Is your kid consistently angry or violent? Does he/she frequently show disruptive behaviors towards elders/parents? If you notice your child acting aggressively and being whimsical and irritable, it is high time you figure out the underlying cause and sort ways to rectify it. We, at Gurukul The School, being the mentors and guides of young […]

How to Teach Kids to Avoid Running from Challenges

How to Teach Kids to Avoid Running from Challenges

Have you seen your child been presented with a big change or a challenging situation? How do they respond to it? Do they face it or run from it? If they do run, it is high time you teach them coping strategies that will help them overcome their instinct to run from challenges. In fact, […]

Can Anxiety Seep into Young Minds?

Anxiety is a term that is often associated with adults. But do you know that even kids do not remain untouched from the grasp of anxiety? The fact is that since kids cannot emote every feeling in the same way as adults do, the obvious factors that are noticeable in adults vary among children. But […]

Proper Packaging of Food is Vital for Ensuring Food Safety

Kids should be Encouraged to Face the Fears

The sight of an empty lunchbox when kids return from school brings such a relief to the mothers. And why not, after all, from brain development to physical agility, everything depends on the regular nutrition intake of the kids. And, food remains the primary source for the same. This is the reason why plenty of […]

How to Teach Children the Power of Positive Language?

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“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa The spoken language is indeed the most impactful and effective ways to communicate. For thousands of years, humans have used sounds to express their thoughts, and over time those sounds grew into the words we use today. […]

How to Foster Interest-Based Learning among Young Minds

According to the words of the wise, the purpose of education should be to bring a thirsty horse near the sea. If we can keep the metaphor at bay for a while, this simple sentence explains how important curiosity or interest is for augmenting the learning process.  Education, at no point, should feel like a […]

STEM Learning Promotes Out-of-the-Box Thinking among Young Buds

The Gadget Addiction – How to Fight the New Menace!

Education is an ever-evolving process. Right from ancient times to this modern era, education has always found new ways to make children learn better. Lately, the focus of education has shifted from textbook learning to assimilation of knowledge. Educators worldwide are rung through research on how to develop understanding more than memorizing. With plenty of […]